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Wow I people diamant. We talk with them last year. Really you're right Yup. All Right Ladies and gentlemen we are rolling into another episode of the Candice Owen Show. My next guest needs no introduction. You probably know her from the Internet. She is a stand up. Comedian Nicole. Arbour welcome to the Candice Owen. Show thank you for having me. Your love about you told me you were one of the first people you might have been the first person to be cancelled from the Internet just other than Monica Lewinsky but she was from the Internet. She was transferred from society. Right and I remember like watching. I don't remember how old I was. I feel like it was like a few years ago when you maybe I was in college. You'd make all these deer. This people videos write letters. I roll like the first. Internet breakout star yet. Not as big as Justin Bieber mean. He's Canadian he's a win win win. You're Canadian I remember you kind of the first one. That sort of made this a thing where you could like be a personality on the Internet and sort of earn your own income that way. Yeah and then you did this horrible thing. I know I told the truth. You told the truth and a whole number one on the Internet. If you want to survive is to never tell the truth be a liar be alive and it was called deer fat people. Yeah and do want to recap what you said. That was so horrible Basically calories in and calories out is how you monitor your weight right. It's kind of like if you're eating too much food and being lazy that's why you're fat is not a disability. You did it yourself and I meant it I still mean it and I remember being on the view and just being dumbfounded that these women didn't understand that they were mad about nothing. Yeah it was. Yeah they do. That's what the view is all about. Yes up to date. They were backing white nationalist. I don't know when this will air but today they got an applause. Break for white nationalist and I just flipped my coffee table just to be dramatic and I was like we're living in South Park. It has happened. This is a real who were. They defending some. I forget his name. But he's like elite white nationalist because he talks about trump and they were like he's talking about trump because of rural. Yeah no matter what. It doesn't matter who says it if it's against trump the left just completely says it's okay and it's fine as comedian. This shows hilarious. Do not just yours politics of America. Wow you guys are dramatic film longest running Sitcom or someday. Someday it's very days of our lives hospital almost a little Spanish soap operas Eerie Soap Opera. Re Yelling for no reason. Yeah you know what I mean like. I know I always say that. I'm like what is the perception outside of the walls of America on. What's going on here because like you turn on the TV? And it is just so theatrical. I mean You can't compete with our real life here. There's no point in making soap operas. No point in making Broadway's because we are living at every single day here now America's musical rate awards shows and like like the other day with Michelle Williams when we were talking about. I had an abortion but now I have this piece of plastic likes like I was I was wondering what planet we were on so for people that are watching us. If you didn't watch the Golden Globes I definitely didn't neither I just then went to go find clips because ricky job as was amazing in roasting the room but there is Michelle Williams. Who is an actress who accepted an award for something and then she goes up and she probably acting she gets a little statue for something a little statue and she gives this speech Which was pro abortion and she basically said I would have never earned this inanimate object if I did not kill my baby and get an abortion years ago and the room broke out into applause for this species. Cheer here crying and I'm just like Hella crazy. You're crazy people. You like the same people that are like Tim. Allen did cocaine in the eighty S. Who didn't from what I know. And they hate him because of that or like kill the babies It's just weird. I was literally just like this is. This is the twilight zone. This is why people think Hollywood is just like an infestation at this point because I was like what a bizarre thing like you murdered your child for an animate object and we're supposed to be celebrating that it's very strange so I didn't follow what you did after you were cancelled. Okay so you you did did you. Did you go on an apology tour? Did you give the standard copy impatient apology? That most people give. After some retrospect in speaking to my friends and family. I've realized that my publicist wants me to sit Z. Because my brand deals may be affected by people who pretend to be woke but can't have a conversation. I didn't do that we didn't. I didn't. I put another video. The next week people to that went viral as well. I've met seventy something viral videos now and I just don't give them a sorry you gotta edit that. I've had one apology in my life. I did one apology and I regret it and it was. I did a remake parody of this is America the when that video came out I guess a year and a half ago Donald Glover and I made my own parody of it a couple of days after it came out with women's issues instead showing okay. Well that's your America. This is our reality slightly. It was comedic. It just had some stuff in it. I made it over twenty four hours just as like a little mind. Exercise people went nuts. They said we were racist Even though half the cast was clearly black. I'm a racist person. I co opted. His idea. As if they didn't know that it was obviously his and I tried to steal it and I was just like is this. This is real. Well if you haven't been called the racist you haven't lived okay. Well I've lived. Yeah I mean I think everybody has now been called racist. We're we're we're at Pete crazy now in society because now black people can be racist and they just call that being self loathing black racist. I mean there was an actual headline when this whole like Iran thing happened with the headline was saying that it was a picture of my face and saying that you know the the white supremacists of America should be first line and I just went. And this is incredible. This is incredible. Let Headline Incredible Headline. I mean just a picture of a black girl saying calling the white supremacist. So I always say now. If you haven't been called a racist you haven't lived. I have lived the Canadian. I couldn't understand what the issue was. It was clearly a comedian. It's like all I do. It was clearly a parody and then over one hundred parodies of the exact same thing were created online billboard did a list of the top ten this is America. Parodies did not include mine. Even though I had the most viewers it was the first one. And we're the only one that had women in it but every other one was okay and mine made me racist and it was actually the Clintons publicity team who came in with my old manager and set. Nicole has to apologize. She has to apologize and I thought them for a week on it. I might now. This is stupid. I'm not gonNA play stupid with them. This is a video. Knowns feelings are actually hurt. They can tell what this is. They're making up lyrics. That aren't in my song and they were like no. You have to Polish so I made this apology and I only regret that. I have that you apologize. Yeah Yeah it's really stupid of. Yeah I actually said that. I was speaking to the CEO of perjury when I was saying to her that this new culture apologies. They're not actually apologizing as they're offended they just want you to get on your knees. Yeah and that's how you differentiate between whether or not you actually own apology or if it's just an exercise for like radical leftists to put you in your place into show that they can shut you up. Yo should never apologize unless you truly hurts when if you actually said you know what I did this video and I think there's legitimately people at home watching this. Who MISUNDERSTOOD IT? Jen are genuinely hurt. That's one thing. Then you issue policy and you say I'm sorry that it was taken out of Taken out of context whatever it is but this new culture was about. I don't like this person at all so I'm going to look for something that they've said that I can somehow put them on their knees and make them say sorry. I have never ever ever issued a public apology about anything. Oh well you're beating me there right. Yeah I wouldn't mean it be. You don't mean it. You actually are looking for an apology. You're not hurt you just don't like you don't like my perspective yet Which doesn't really suck because I don't particularly like there's either watching the press. Cover it as well. Oh she apologized. She's issued unlike. Oh you're twisting my words. Now that's not what I said or would I man she got in line we did. It did it like now. She knows the rule. She can't cross and the thing is you should never apologize for what you aren't and that's another thing. It's like when when you do concede and you offer an apology. You're saying I was a racist when I did this and I have to be very careful about that. And that's something that you know this country's leader he doesn't when they take his words out of context and they twist things and you know he says something like What did he say that people were enraged about block people which one he was like basically calling all the stats and saying you have nothing to lose? They took that and they said that's racist now all black people live in bad neighborhoods and he didn't apologize because they knew what he meant. So you have to be careful with that. It's also weird too because just having press print about the things they've printed about we over. The years are hilarious. I'm racist I'm a sexist. I'm homophobic I'm like I was literally besides Jonathan Van Ness on the float during the pride parade. That's such a weird cover for a game of Pokemon and you have to catch them all. So if you haven't yet been called homophobic sexist racist misogynist. Okay it's because you're not winning the game. I've won the game. Why did them all Mauka level? What are you a new level where they just leave earlier on a new low? Yeah all right cool. You collect them all and they've called you everything they kind of leave you alone. And there's like forget it. We've tried to counsel her sixteen times. I've been called. I mean just based on this show. I've been called TRANSPHOBIC Islam phobic racist somehow antisemitic pretty sure. Dennis prager Jewish not positive. But he's been on this show before I think he is And I just looked at it and I just go the thing like it's funny but these words lose their meaning they're just completely losing their meaning a little sad because they should have meaning. There should be terms that actually mean something if someone does hate someone because of the color of their skin right but we don't have it anymore and you're able to recognize it because there are evil people in the world there might be people that are that are hiding pockets. That are extremely racist but they can kind of just get away with it now if you can get an applause break from supporting them do nothing is.

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