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Weather. Good, good, And we're certain we're dealing with a boy and a girl That's always important as well. The morning in a girl, Okay? And we know that because of the color of the sea or so your you got your boy with a dark blue seer. Right? And the girls got that light. The light the whiter camp. Okay, perfect. Very white in the lighting, Right? Right. You have the Barry White CD on in the background and the lighting kind of damn around wine, and they love the TV. They love the TV. Maybe I actually named him after A couple people General hospital, and when that show comes on, they literally goes work. Funny. Ah, well, you know, maybe we got to get him watching daytime soap operas. That might be the thing to make a love connection here, you know? Well, I guess some guidelines that we talk about when we're trying to get a little pair Keats to breed and you may be already doing these things. So I put these on your checklist. Make sure you are aren't doing them. And hopefully we can get everything ideal is not Sometimes you can't make it happen. Sometimes I will actually have other breeding pairs in the same room because that kind of gets the hormones flying and may mean for that. We have a better breeding situation. If there's others in the in the same area, you know, going on the on the nest and having babies. They're so Make sure your your temperature in the area you want to keep around 65 to 75. We want to cover the babies at night. Probably about quote. Okay. 12 hours of darkness would be best and then in their enclosure because we're going to be asking the mom to be making eggs, and we want good cows and vitamin D, using a full spectrum white so similar to that you will find in Aquariums. So it pet stores where you have reptiles that need vitamin D Never thought of that. Yeah, so that could be helpful now, now, for birds that Air house outside, they're getting natural light. That's not a problem, but her indoor kept birds. This is something that we can help enhance and is very important for vitamin D. So I would make sure we do that. And then I got the nesting box. We try to not disturb them. Give them their privacy. Try to keep him on a schedule. Clean their cage about the same time and I kind of let them do their thing that I would bring some for Pon ship that you could put in the bomb time drinking. They ate that. I didn't hear what you said. What were the chips I had? I've heard a pine ship's putting in the bomb. You know, I actually just used good old, you know, shredded newspaper. I think that's probably one of the easiest things it Sze tighty, and they have a good time with it as well. So right? Yeah, There's something I could be sitting down. Got a mineral block. I've gotten good at.

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