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Problem just alluded to the problem of big money in politics road the thing said believe on the six talking about special house special interest groups spent four point four million dollars as of last month this past Monday in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race or moan and end up spending of course is bipartisan talk about that please yeah we got all these outside interest groups that are spending money telling people who to vote some of them are dark money groups actually and so they don't have to disclose who their donors are and you can just hide behind a bush and say you know tell Jill Karofsky did not to coddle criminals like warmly as was insulting because that ad didn't say don't vote for Jill Karofsky or vote for Dan Kelly using the magic words don't vote for votes for they don't have to disclose who their donors are when everybody was saying they had recognized that there was an accident Calyxt that's a problem of the U. S. Supreme Court doctrine not just citizens United going back to other U. S. Supreme Court decisions like Wisconsin right to life verses the FCC anyway it's pardon it's part of the doctor and that we need to overturn some U. S. Supreme Court it's as corporations are persons and money is speech you can limit it and so we've got that to tackle two if we're gonna have a real democracy in this country fortunately there are a lot of people at work in an effort to amazing grassroots effort actually here in Wisconsin and across the country well we're doing more in our share with the group called Wisconsin United to amend which is gotten a hundred and forty six communities in Wisconsin to pass resolutions referendum saying we've got to overturn citizens United we get a man to U. S. constitution program once and for all that you know corporations actually our first month money actually isn't speech and on Tuesday there were referendums and about fourteen or more communities around the state for that proposition to so I'm hoping they'll pass where to wait and see but yeah I mean this money you know on Tuesday in the in the Kelly Karofsky race actually the the group's throwing money behind Karofsky spend more than the groups of throwing money behind Kelly though was close in so that was true also in the Neubauer added on race and actually Neubauer lost that one so if the money isn't necessarily determinative here but we'll have to wait and see on the results to see whether crusty wonder or Kelly or Kelly one again going to get in with conversational be opening up the phone lines six oh eight two five six two thousand and one extension number nine if you have a question common observation for Matt rockshelter guests today from Wisconsin democracy campaign give us a call well Shelly engineering today tells me that we actually do have a corner on the minority so let's open it up high caller demand year on year sexually Randy Allen Randy using herbs hurt correct the well if I were dry timeline from two thousand and ten when elected Scott Walker who at Tuesday's election I'm thinking we might as well just rename ourselves north Alabama or North Mississippi and a but what was the thing the reason I'm calling is that V. we heard plenty of stories about how Milwaukee which as you would normally have had the hundred eighty some of polling places had five and nobody seems to be curious about what happened there I was wondering is there has there been any reporting on the video what led to that well Randy sexually call and you know I know people are homeless counts in which you said you do you still use that goes kind of what you were saying and kind of how I'm feeling but I think in the Milwaukee the clerk just was not confident that they had enough told workers to staff more than than five polling places I don't think it was anything more nefarious than that I think was a bad decision the clerks part the clerk had or should have been able to get national guards people down there to help with the OHL's but you know in a plague light were in a lot of poll workers who had signed up and we're calling in canceling and so the the the the clerk of a mill one of the city of Milwaukee was left with a very difficult choice you know how many polling stations can we keep open and I think he made a mistake there but and it was just awful to see people stand in line for two hours two and a half hours and then it started to rain and then insert Ankiel and and lord knows if there was enough social distancing going on and was just a nightmare again six two eight two five six two thousand and one extension nine let's continue on we do have another caller in the queue so mica you're on the air hi I agree it was outrageous that they had to order on Tuesday it wasn't the most outrageous thing in my life I think the most outrageous thing is that we're still awaiting climate change but what I wanna should wanted to mention was that my nephew and his wife submitted absentee ballots the same days through the paces postal mail and one of them got there on time and the other one dent the Supreme Court is just as bad as the rest of government well you know Mike I think you're absolutely right about you know the U. S. Supreme Court notice constant spring court acted absolutely seems willing during this just as boss and since you're that and you know I just don't know what more to say about laws interests you're old and and Rogan's acted to Wisconsin Supreme Court or the Roberts court if the US Supreme Court in their total indifference or total callousness toward a people's ability to exercise their fundamental citizenship and people's ability to to do that without risking their very lives I mean let's not beat around the bush of this image if Longstreet surely legislative immunity they could be called up picked up for reckless endangerment we're churches attempted manslaughter charge is anyone else at risk lives of tens of thousands of people on April seventeenth they B. and ask us right now you know there's I thought I was looking at it an article from the onion of photographs of us in a protective gear in in in in in a surgical mask in someone at the polling place and I mean the arrogance of it in the mail flaunting well people just standing in line all over the state risking infection he's there with his protective guard innocence a ma'am smugly grinning you know I mean and he said it was incredibly sick devote **** and yet he's all dressed up with is going to a you know an Ebola emergency can I mean it was a robin boss you know we may just amazes me to this day that this guy is still in power you know what more does he have to do before the people in his district figure that this guy is not their best representative I mean it was a couple years ago that the mortgage journal sent on its front page was urging people look to run against robin bus because he was such a poor representative of the people he's a great representative of Wisconsin manufacturers and commerce a great representative of the American legislative exchange council in and but he is I mean that was an embarrassment that was a national embarrassment I meet people all over the country so what a fully made himself on April seventh smog he's always been smog you know it's a middle name members talk about the the the referendum on dean of ballot this past Tuesday done some writing on Marsy's law we spoke out against it why was that tell tell our listeners some of the background well Marcy's law this was the amendment there was for expanding ostensibly for expanding victims rights you saw it on your belt you voted it didn't say Marsy's law but it's been the effort has been called Marsy's law we saw advertisements unbelievable numbers of advertisements on TV on radio on your computer screen a Kelsey Grammer from cheers was there I mean they they spent more new three million dollars Marsy's law immerses law is funded by a billionaire out of California named Henry necklace when the founders of Broadcom Henry necklace who himself had a run in with the law in Las Vegas because Las Vegas and is lost because there's lots of heroin and cocaine and meth I mean like a super rich person in the criminal justice system we didn't do a day in jail and got a great plea deal on it but he has spent more than a hundred million dollars in states across the country twelve states have already ratified this much used by a constitutional amendment here in Wisconsin you know he was the marshes law was one of the top three lobbyists in the state over the last two legislative session and do we really want an out of state building here to be able to buy a constitutional amendment to the Wisconsin constitution it has a terrible fatal flaw in it the site down main street committee head on into our sixth amendment rights guaranteed by the U. S. constitution to face our kids are our accuser in to be able to get our lawyers to depose take a deposition from the person who's accusing us of committing a crime Marcy's law whether the constitutional amendment says victims can refuse an interview and can refuse a deposition or other discovery by the accuser by the lawyers for the accused so this is a collision the Wisconsin state constitution if it passes with the U. S. constitution so it's going to cost us you know millions of dollars in court fees as taxpayers when this thing gets litigated you know up to stream but it's an effort by this billionaire to really got the ability of people are accused of crimes and I think down the road try to amend the US constitution to get rid of the six and so the people argues will have less and less ability to defend themselves in court what is that going to mean it's going to mean that people without means poor people people of color are you read more and order at the mercy of the district attorney's other prosecutors we're gonna be able to throw him in jail convict them ever the more easily than even before let's continue on this continuous to phones hello will you're on the air yeah thanks our thanks for the program thank you Matt I voted curbside and when I first called my polling place they said they were short staffed they couldn't do it but I was prepared to start looking for a lawyer to try to sue for disenfranchisement because to me going out there and in a compromise hailed in a way for myself and my wife to go out it was no different than reckless endangerment used by ordinary citizens so they did accommodate me I was able to pull curbside I also feel the same way Matt three O. about Biden beaten shop by the shop will beat bitlocker drama and I've been saying that ever since he got in the race because the DNC has not changed one older problem the crap they will be in twenty sixteen and now they're common already Afaria and people got to go so will this voting for you three years what will stop it short people voted it down by our the Supreme Court races the judges and other positions locally that they can control.

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