Spanish Soccer League, Junie, Apple discussed on Daily Tech News Show


Ability by q three so nobody who works on the model three is a salaried employees well those factory floor staff or probably waged waved employs yeah the party is over where it's just beginning lolita the spanish soccer league has admitted it's up accesses the microphone and gps data of android users the league argues it ask for consent at the point of installer update and at the microphone data it's receiving is code not actual audio and that the data is used to prevent a legal streaming of matches something the organization says costs i don't know one hundred fifty million euros per year so the app store has been downloaded the up in the app store has been delegated ten million times and was updated with the functionality on junie so if you don't allow for the microphone access people can stream to their heart's content i love how they're like yes we got your conversation but it's just code we don't hear you as as a divulging private secrets we just hear code yeah yeah we just don't want make sure you're not a pirate as crazy drm never causes any problems let's talk a little bit more about a light of hope for me as far as standards go patrick digit times reports that analog integrated circuit vendors told it that apple is considering switching from lightning to usb see in its twenty nineteen iphone and ipad releases apple insider notes the report in may suggested apple might ship a usb charger with iphones this year but that would come with a lightning to usb cable.

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