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Goes along watch salad. It's salad frosting. And they think that this is the way apparently to get kids to eat more of a product. It isn't good for you, in the first place ranch dressing down with tasty addressing as tasty as it is ranch dressing is not good for you. And we'll never be good for you. So this is not in fact, lying to the parents. It's trying to get the parents to sell to their kids. A product, it isn't particularly good for the kids. It's lying to the parents making them. Think that if you eat the dressing, eat the salad, the hell ain't nothing wrong with the little salad dressing. But selling it this way, there's a reason that I dislike corporate food, even as a free market like conservative cat. There's a reason I hate corporate food, because garbage like this like this are always looking for tricks, you get more fruits and vegetables in their day. Then read, Jerry. Seinfeld's wife book to hide them. Gash. She hides him and cookies, right? Which a couple of other chefs have done before her. It's not that's not new necessarily appreciate my mom did that to me. Fine. It's also not encouraging the kids to find the love for that. No, it's not. No. You just keep trying. You hope something sticks. Something sticks. Eventually you wanna have, you know, isolate kids from foods for a little while you'll be really, you'll be really surprised to what they're like, when they get out. Survival camp. Survival kit. Still kidding you survival camp. Each yourself some ants. You come back and find out how much you like green peppers. That's right. Pepper sound delicious. My story for choose your news today. We know that texting behind the wheel data's is bad eating behind the wheel, not great burrito. Actually is the number one thing that's terrible for you to eat behind the wheel very distracting. I guess dog on your lap. No not. Okay, either. But there is a brand new thing that we are doing in the car car habit. If he was really that is, injuring drivers at a rapid pace is we a lot of random people. And here's what I'm going to explain it to you. Most offices schools, college campuses, places like that across the country are concerned with security, and productivity. I guess, so now they have ID badges card keys. You have one. Where do you keep it? When you leave odds are. It is not in your wallet. Because we are told it's gonna get demagnetize for some reason. So people don't necessarily put in their wallet. Put it on a lanyard. Fendi Prada Burberry Gucci. They all put out these two hundred five hundred dollar land holders. L. Yeah. This year for your ideas, spend our hard-earned money in that trash. They want to be the brand hanging around your neck people. Consider. A fashion stay right? So studies show now more than fifty percent of people have to wear a lanyard everyday. We'll put keys on it or something else attached. And guess where it goes when you get in the car, it stays around your day, and that's the problem. Police in the UK and the United States has now been issuing PSA warnings about minor car accidents, turning, very serious, because the drivers or impaled by lanyard 's that were around their necks, you want examples final destination. Let's do this one woman had keys on her work lanyard around her neck car tapped, her and the car needed. A new bumper. She needed bowel surgery, the keys went right through her stomach. She was in the hospital for six weeks. Another guy suffered a collapsed lung after the deployed airbag pushed that hard plastic key in the lanyard around his neck straight into his chess, and that was just a minor accident. Like the cars barely had any damage to it. But police in the teas were really confused on why this injury was so bad. That's what they figured out. It was now ficials say the type of injuries increasing as more and more offices and campuses crackdown on security. More people required to wear ID badges. They do say, hey, take your land you're off when you leave the campus or the office that would be a good. I move don't keep it on your neck. When you're in the car, that's why they call it an accident. You don't know what's going to happen. And if you can use the by your own lanyard, they have some that have a little breakaway mechanism in them, and that's why they have enough pressure. It'll break it away. Oh my goodness. You remind me not, no. Pail. You know, I guess I didn't know I didn't think about remind me of an old time stock car racing in Bob Burns. I grew up run stockcar racing. Bob's car ended up upside down one time. And when you're upside down you're supposed to stay there. Don't undo your harness because you're gonna fall. You're gonna break your neck. Bob is reaching for his harness, I'll panic like it. He's a really experienced race car driver. Like, what are you doing? Bob. He'd been smoking a cigar that fell up into his helmet and was burning a hole in his forehead. So they took off few years later. Bob's car would upside down again. And they got to them, and they went in and he was flailing like what's wrong? And then they realize he's good. I stopped lighting cigars. But he had swallowed the cigar are part of it. And it had not made all the way down so that they get him out. Do Heimlich procedure? All right. We talked earlier on the program. Interesting discussion about Google and particularly Google facing a class action lawsuit alleging they discriminate against conservatives insurance of employment. And so we were asking the nine eight nine seven three texted Online Trading Academy text line. Do you work in tech? Do you think it's a monoculture? Is there a bias against conservatives and we got some text here on nine seven three from the two six someone alleges a cell force? He's, it's Salesforce. It's kind of like a monoculture there because if you're not an ally, you better, keep your mouth shut from the two six Microsoft is not a political monoculture Todd, but they do choose to isolate themselves into the belief that all that Microsoft does is correct. So that's the person's opinion from the two six from the to six Todd. You're spot on Microsoft employees here. Fourteen different years. And I am a conservative woman. I have to keep my political views and voting choices, very quiet. So that is their choice for on the two six Microsoft is openly anti-trump. I'm going to be honest, and we are force fed liberal social progressive propaganda from the highest level is a very hostile climate. If you are a conservative, that's the two six opinion there. I don't know if they had worked there or not. But that is what they had said. And then for the two five three, I don't care what your political lean is, is blowing as you love your mother. Oh, that's good. Anyway, I, there's not a lot of different samples of different tech companies of the Microsoft, and, and the other one there. So, so you kept other names and numbers tournament later. Please turn. You out teams that I read on nine eight nine seven three. I keep all of this information. You just taking it to the grade. You give me a feature. I share with me. I know what you're podcasts could be things. I refused to read on the air. Oh, my podcast and should be if I have to do if I have do podcasts about what happens in the studio, it is going to be the miss texts. You send me and I love every single one of because people realize, like ten minutes.

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