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Proposition sixty five i have this product that i've been utilizing for three years maybe it's raw vegans it's our ganic but it does have the warning top sixty five label on it and it says that it's because there might be miniscule amount from the soil and that's it's on there i guess it's on a lot of products for california nonetheless it still does concern me should i be concerned and also just to let you know when i went through the airport with this product it it ran it sounded off their alarms i'm thinking it's in a powder form maybe but then someone said oh maybe it's because there's preservatives as far as i know there's no preservatives on it in it but it is a powder but like i said it's all the dan and it's organic well thank you it's interesting that there are some things that come from the soil that can contaminate food whether it's organic or not i'm not an expert at prop sixty five i've had to put some attention on it because roundup was just named a cancer causing agent last july july seventeenth by the by the prop sixty five mandated group in california and in fact i attended the hearing in january where last year where but santa was trying to sue california to say it shouldn't be a hey carcinogen and the judge did not have any did not hear that they were they were the judge ruled in our favor and they're going to declare it as a carcinogen and right outside the courtroom after the proceedings were over i attended a press conference with bobby kennedy junior and other lawyers who end their plaintiffs who had done hodgkin's lymphoma or they were the survivors of family members that did because they were suing monsanto because not only was it a carcinogen but it had laid a long track of of people with serious serious answers and new research shows that there's even more research perhaps for acute myeloid leukemia and if you look at the leukemia death they rise absolutely in parallel with the increased use of roundup sprayed on genetically engineered soy and corn you know it's amazing jeffrey just how many different facets of these tentacles that the they reach these gmo foods and the pesticides i mean it's just unbelievable isn't it affects so many things for example as i mentioned earlier there as well e nieto nicotinoid sectocide.

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