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Rebecca Missouri's next report for 11 on 10 10 wins. It's news. Time for 02 2020 Democratic National Convention has come to a close ending with the acceptance speech for former Vice President Joe Biden. 10 10 wins newsman Al Jones followed the event from the election is it was the moment for which Joe Biden has waited decades, so it's a great honor and humility. I accept this nomination for president of the United States of America. Speaking inside a nearly empty Chase Center in Wilmington, Delaware, Biden says this election is not just about votes. But it's about the heart and soul of America. But while I'll be a democratic candidate, I will be an American president. I work hard for those who didn't support me as hard for them, as I did for those who did vote for me. That's the job of a president to represent all of us. The candidate joined by his wife, Jill, running mate Camilla Harris at the end of the convention, and while delegates cheered via zoom and honk their car horns outside the Chase Center Earlier, it was former Mayor Mike Bloomberg speaking. I'm not asking you to vote against Donald Trump because he's a bad guy. I'm urging you to vote against him because he's done a bad job. This final night of the virtual convention moderated by actress Julia Louise Dreyfus. You didn't expect her to play it straight. Did you Two find out everything you need to know about mail in ballots, your polling place or even just am I registered text vote to 30330. 30330. That would be the president's golf score if he didn't cheat well. Biden and Harris now head out on the campaign trail, while President Trump and Republicans get ready for their convention starting Monday. Al Jones 10 10 wins news long it into tents and wins for coverage of that Republican National Convention next week. Get another political associate of President Trump has been indicted and arrested the latest former White House chief trying to just Steve Bannon. Steve.

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