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So my first thought yesterday was not about patients it was about is he trying to motivate Lonzo. Oh, because we know that you know, maybe he's trying to light a fire that didn't often get lit should have last year doing lonzo's rookie year or was he trying to get even with lavar by heaping praise on Lonzo and setting them up for failure this year? I don't know. I'm thinking that's really deepened ugly, like like a wicked dot? I don't. I can't see that. Was he trying to increase lonzo's trade value in case they do need to move him? I don't know between the line. Okay. Well, I'm just saying, I'm trying to see what's happening here, but in the end I walked away from this thinking, I believe that LeBron has that much respect for lonzo's gang because I think rare respects rare in Lonzo is no matter what you say about whether he's not transcendent. He has a gift. You can't teach or coach that LeBron has see it, feel it pass it before it even happens. Lonzo can do that. And again, if you look at across the. Board lonzo's contributions last year. He was the best defender on the Lakers last year. He led the team in steals. He led the team in rebounding for much of the year. He was second in blocked shots on the Lakers to the big guy. You know, like what more? The little big things you couldn't ask for much more from live. Right? I'd like to see the fire lit a little more often. And I do think LeBron will be great for Lonzo lighting as far I think Lonzo will feed off LeBron's greatness just just his because their games are similar except Lonzo can attack the basket or hasn't shown that he could attack the basket LeBron can. But remember, Lonzo ball is six feet seven inches tall, and it looked like he got in the gym. You can see it right there. He looks a lot better and he looked last year. He looks like he's got a little bit of thority that he can play with his body grew. He needed that grow along with. Well, that's funny. He ain't a small anymore. You need to go to me. That's fine too. So the point is in the problem with all this is I think. Ron was just being honest about he's coming. You've LeBron telling the truth to my something. Yeah, I believe he's telling the truth, but here's the problem with his truth. He is also raved about Rondos basketball IQ and basically said it's equal to mind. We can see it the same way, and I agree with faith can be true. Okay. I got you. But he's also raved about Brandon Ingram in his ceiling is his star power. The literally believe that that Lonzo have the potential that Brandon Ingram does. He does in his way he does. Their games are completely upside down different. But yeah, I think he can be at least as good as Brandon Ingram. But the point is, what do the Lakers coaching staff and Magic Johnson love about Brandon Ingram? What are they most infatuated with his ability to bring the ball up and initiate the offense as the point guard. And what have I told you all along Miami Cleveland now Los Angeles about LeBron James?.

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