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It feels like the shoot for holy grail was at times on the miserable sides because of the weather may not have been. Yes. I mean, we were constrained by very very small budget. The budget was only just over two hundred thousand pounds for the whole film in order to cut costs. We got Stirling university students come and be the army. Never stood on top of a hill. Shop from behind the real. They said, you know, if you can come in rags. So they said just come as we are. Stood that, and they would give of that was good. We drove ourselves to the location. You know, all the nights in the sort of the w cumby up to the location cuts and lots of. Corners that was plows of the fun of it was was trying to get together for very very small budget. I can't remember exactly your question was. Digital side. So it was a bit miserable. Because we had we had chain mail, which was basically woolen chain mail. And it was fine. When it was Dr as soon as it got wet just became twice as heavy and dragged you down you could barely move and certain tola members of the Monty python team, very low irritation threshing. Joan has to just come out on a Monday rejected from stock. Chain mail which heavy so there were certain days when it's quite depressing. But that time we didn't know how we didn't know quite how successful python python film would be television series going. Well, but it was two or three years off to that. We broken up. Yeah. Could be could it be disaster. So the the difficult difficult times. I mean seems like I remember during the night to say, knee and. And it was all done in one after noon in some cone of the forest. And I was standing on a ladder in automatically toll which is quite a Neo got huge helmets on and say, see my face. I mean, just sort of say shopper. Going to hear this. Shrubberies? I think we felt for instance, that off to noon, I thought this is turtle waste of time out best. Well, that's one of those ones just end up on the cutting floor and quite the opposite two-day knee. That's my most pry the knighthood. I'm most proud of should. Order a knee. You mentioned the John Cleese there. And I believe. I I was as everybody else was, but we'll get past it. On desert island discs. He said that you would be his luxury item. How weird is that very? Got arrested for things like that. Yeah. That was my me too. But he no. We have a lot of laughs together. I'm a huge Admira job. I mean, he is without doubt. They outspending comedian. I think we produced in the loss forty fifty years since really getting just terrific, and he can do everything. But you know, he's there's other life is complicated. Go that I'm not show the luxury item was I have to say it was not physical. It was just because I talk so much. He wouldn't need to radio. And this year marks forty years since life of Brian as well. Which is. Yeah, I'm credible film and your memories of as well is that something that do you think that phone Lee compared to holy grail? The movies has wrapped up in a bundle in a way, certainly more comfortable too. She not concentrating on that. Well, what would you Roach in Bob Asia's? Yes. The Las Vegas. I mean that was really. I mean, the came about life of Brian if we didn't honestly know whether we could make it. We wrote the script sold it to him. I. They head to be my read the script and said become do this who in the company allowed these people to make this film. The menagerie. So we suddenly had no we've sent people out to tune is stop building the set, and we were stop. And that's been George Harrison got blessing came in and said, he find five million just to to to make the film and people said later, you know, joins us amazing five million quid to make more. It's not about said..

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