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Coward sam neill the answers kyle mclachlan with my gut griffin's rewarded you get a second poor who goes sir and joy i told you it had a fun actally name pursued by bear i just came out with all this negative energy and vibe don't be bullied by our older brother who is better making wine agent dale cooper or furby furby probably gonna go hi because i'm betting that com globulin really got involved in the process and was a sickly for quality i'm gonna say ninety five i'm going to say that i've doubted for in the past and has not served me well i think her wines better cog lachlan's pursue twenty twelve cab sav comes in and ninety three points only to earth's best celebrity one skaggs we all remember baas is the best what's my dick is fucking wine call i sir if you want me to i i'm gonna get kicked out of this fucking winery fuck you like dick twenty eleven cabernet sauvignon called the icon i'm sorry i he's got three he's got a merlo called the player and he's got a cab sav called the coach all three of those right now hi mike ditka it's me your wine producer we need a name for this wine what are some words you know declare dacoits and the ball no no we're not gonna all fall wine it's might it's mike ditka's ball wine freshly it's got notes of current it's got notes of strawberry in it and a little bit of pigskin baby dewine no dewine sir congratulations it's a comic lachlan and fergie for shocking the haters and producing a better wine than staying how about a one yahu yeah i love that sending by allan allan thank you sorry i almost attributed it to you it's yahoo answers user question mark so mike mike thick asks what to wear two laser tag i'm mike ditka from fairly guy for faith it is really it is really hot and i haven't got any black tanks and stuff could i possibly wear a place suit blue or is that too much what yeah yeah yeah what's the places the place tribes i'm glad you google that it's not anything it's not anything that exists in the world this is so tough because you have to find something that is both resistant to lasers and nacho cheese afterwards yeah something hydrophobic and laser phobic what oh i've got it i'm sorry i'm sorry to answer this one so quickly we'll have to do another one but i have the answer the answer is you're going to want to dress like an employee of the laser tag place okay okay kind of covert assure you get blasted like what the fuck you doing casey my clothes i'm a i'm a journalist i'm covering this laser war are you trying to get yourself thrown out of here because i have that power could you do a robo cup outfit desi robocup cup.

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