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Equivalent of chapter eleven there now in talks with their larger competitor in germany's lufthansa to sell off similar operations to them and the timing really couldn't be worse for german chancellor angela merkel and so with general elections coming next month the german government acted quickly to provide a one hundred seventy five million dollar bridge loan to keep air berlin operational and avoid big job losses air balloon employ about eight thousand people in germany and without the money they would have ceased operations this week let's have battled its i mentioned the visit mary and i had to ryanair's headquarters in what kennedy jacobs had told us because air berlin actually cited competitive pressure specifically from ryanair as a reason for their bankruptcy as the dublinbased airline they've been certainly expanding rather agree if we to germany so be cautious if you're making flights in the coming weeks and months and air berlin is a carrier that you're considering all right well i just a quick follow up to last week story that i think i reported i'm with hurts they got a lot of flack because they accidentally overbooked in some of the key states oregon tennessee that take a huge off in advance yeah so rightly so absolutely so a spokesperson came out this week from the company apologizing for the accidental overbooking and they were contacting customers individually but it did require them to bring in additional vehicles and according to the spokesperson they will be fulfilling all existing reservations or other less sacha people arm well not for the previous by if you want to rent a car now and after all i got to invite her car yeah the price at basically like me up for like five hundred dollars day okay so big band will fall silent next week belief starting on monday for four years as it undergoes major conservation and renovation according to the uk parliament and this was announced on monday the chimes emanating from the bell one of london's most famous attractions have kept time in the british capital for a hundred and fifty seven years yes but it's monday at new so it's the same day as the eclipse big band will sound for the last time until 2021 they repairs are.

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