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Just man we're just going to get into a fist fight we could as soon as gray throwing down here because we all right eighty three degrees right now not as hot as the week and it was hot and Santa Fe this weekend I know it was blistering down in Albuquerque still we're a whole lot better off than a whole lot of the country at least we have many well you don't have humidity yeah and in New York City broiling on the on the asphalt jungle of oven you know these big cities so I almost felt a little bit guilty over the weekend because a lot of the people in the country were suffering yeah it was hot here but once again not intolerable not intolerable you can go in the shade and you have a little bit of relief and it rains in the afternoons it's been cloudy all day today so my point we have a seventy percent chance of heavy rain right now the the graph says about three o'clock to start to expect a heavy rain three o'clock tomorrow seventy seven for the high going to be cooler tomorrow with a fifty percent chance of heavy rain tomorrow will be doing the show from where tomorrow we are going to be doing the show from the opera tomorrow it is going to be very fun we're gonna have a lot of really cool gas on really cool guest will be under a canopy and we have a we have a plan B. in case it gets really really know he's will move in grab everything and run run like heck so be topper tomorrow heavy rain fifty percent chance of heavy rain tomorrow seventy seven warming back up on Wednesday to eighty three degrees with a fifty percent chance of rain and that sixty percent chance of rain on Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday with highs in the monsoon season and now the one year anniversary of the thousand year reign storm last year is tomorrow a year ago you were in England Iran I wasn't influenced didn't rain the entire time I was there and yet you know I stood my front door looking out the screen door watching my entire me my entire street with three feet deep in water and running a thousand miles an hour it was a dangerous dangerous afternoon and evening and night in Santa Fe so folks remember that last year there was a year ago tomorrow and if we have heavy rain this week thanks wait a second let's stay home don't get out there because you're going to put the rescue workers firemen policemen other people other citizens trying to get out there and rescue your your lazy but because you had to go out for you a six pack you know put people in danger just stay home stay off the street if we get that kind of rain and we have a good chance of that this week wow really a good chance of that much rain or just it says heavy rain all right well usually heavy rain in New Mexico equals maybe as funny that's true Reuters ditches thank you do not go down in there don't go down in the river do not go to the estate because you know a mile if might be sunny over your head but Amala stream anyway you're all know the drill pay attention don't put other people at risk because of your in a tent all right here's the plan I will talk to Simon directly to clock today a two thirty today Eric Liu Cerro Maria Herrera and making McGarity we'll talk about jobs and higher education center Mexico workforce connection three o'clock there and talk to the Albuquerque journal border reporter Angelica sure got about what's going on down south and then any Graham here three thirty today we'll talk about her show at the lodge MA RK forming we went Friday night it was beautiful are you impressed I was very impressed I was just mind blowing at the stamina they have to do all that but like the heel clicking and meant it was probable that is so physical it is no physical there's not that one guy and he had this long set where he was you know the doing the best stage and every time you turn around sweat would fly off of his crack view up did not I mean I was more impressed.

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