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Actually i have a trust do. Yeah i'm sure you off a yourself. Of course videos. There is no answer but thought. But be i am the owners. I can decide so that that that my and east number is number fourteen. One very soft is number. Seven is very strict is number six. We have many many many many tasting side if you make kimmel. Jimmy dykes job is number six. It's not like jim. I begging joyce like the taste of the is not elegance but it can it. Can it can have a very good Almers in the very good taste soul. We blend into the socket from it's number six and we we use east number six on these number seven folding east and we use is number fourteen one non foaming east because foaming east is suffocation. Occurs foster down the non-fox me because the form is about the main mass but known foaming all east is always inside the mash. So the parallel from nation is different between the falling known form so in other words because in a non foaming east. Well let's take a step back forming yeast the attached to bubbles of carbon dioxide. And go to the you get about east at the top but in an foaming east because it doesn't attached to the gas bubbles. It stays in the center of the monroe. Me right and so you get a more powerful. Or if if the east is outside the mash suck gatien faster than the from tation. Because the if the east is inside imitation occurs faster than the sucker fish see also the other wheel yard from indigenous different bidding now forming no foaming east oldest and if use our east number seven in the east number seven. Seven one is number. Seven from nation is longer than the east number seven one so the taste is different. And if you use our. He's number seven. To number seven one we can get a little bit more acidity foaming east produce making one zero point. Two moyes energy compared to several.

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