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But with a very similar mission. There's tons of five oh one C threes out. They're the ones that help our military community, which is great. But sometimes you have to find the one to work for you. And I okay, let me interrupt you. So say those to a slower tell us those two organizations, you just mentioned operation enduring warrior Eka finding them at enduring warrior dot org or Oscar Mike like the name Oscar in the name, Mike, right Askar, Mike dot org. Both around social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, all that stuff. Right. I'm check them. All I am huge advocate for these organizations. You're deeply involved in the puzzle organizations. Go ahead, finish your thoughts. L? Anyway, joining these organizations gave me a purpose once again getting out there and now as well being a part of a team once again too. So what happened with this is I started it wasn't about me anymore. It wasn't about Joe anymore. Once again, just like an Iraq. It was about us about us. Yes. And I think that's the biggest issue some of our people in our military struggle with win. They take that uniform off is they they they lose a part of themselves. And I think what ties in with that is being physically active once again laying on door, and I'm saying that from my experience. Yeah. Yeah. So putting putting a uniform back on because we wear uniforms and operation enduring warrior. We're all veterans or law enforcement, we help law enforcement as well in these organizations and getting out there with emission being a part of a team once again and pushing through reaching goals together. So now, I'm a mentor. I'm one just like an NCO mentoring guys. Great. And this is what I want to give out to our military community out. There is understand that we're gonna take this uniform off someday ours already off. Now, we must understand we will talk about push actress post traumatic stress post them extract every time somebody sat it's supposed to Matic stress. I personally believe don't push real. And I'm not an eye on that. But I personally believe. One of the biggest struggles we have is when we were taken out of that culture in. It's all we know that adult because most of us joining as soon as we come and dolts, right? How do we fill those voids wants hand finding new purpose develop a new passion and be a part of something bigger than yourself. Okay. Three ps. I call purpose passion, part of something examples my purpose. Now, I'm a public speaker and a mentoring these wounded veterans. My passion is fitness. Some. We talked fitness helped me mentally so much led me into a path that I never thought it'd be doing now being a part of something bigger than myself these organizations, how do we find those change that? Shitty attitude, and I don't mean to curse guys, but you got to change that shitty. Attitude is dysfunctional veteran. All that noise. Get rid of it step out of your comfort zone because it's not gonna fall in your lap. You have to find what works for you as separate your comfort zone and stop being Rico from Napoleon dynamite. You guys know what I'm talking about? See the movie don't live in the past basically. And it's yourself responsibility. To step out of your to find that happiness for yourself..

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