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It wouldn't leave Golden State chopped liver, DeMarcus gets health if he rebounds. Oh, save fit into the way. Yeah, and it would be a battle. Yeah, early on because clay clay. Yeah, it's where you hear many things I hear. I think he's staying and I hear strongly that he staying away. I know. Yeah, I, I know Michael Thompson is that would love him to be in the purple and gold, but that's the thing. I mean, how many free agents can they get? Right? I mean, they can get one may max ragent. Can the Lakers get to. You know, I don't know. That would be well, you will have a, but you have three guys making between thirty five and forty million and the rest of the guys making two million well for this to be like I say, great for the league though Golden State has to remain intact. If Katie goes to go to the Lakers and clay go somewhere else and Draymond then what what about is the Celtic mess around and get quiet and carry? Hawaiian, Jason Tatum and Jalen Brown. And now you got the Laker than the Celtics just like the old time. Good old days. I wouldn't discount l. either in this because. With feeling the Lakers back in eighties, Katie were to go to the Lakers again. I know Kawai wants to be LA, but man, I have to seriously look at Philly just for being on a team that can compete. There's no way Adam silver laying Kawai the end LeBron's going on. I. With deal say, well, how can he do anything about it? They're free agents. He like, no, you're not. It's not happening. He couldn't do anything about it. There's no way you want to know who LeBron is tight without him silver and like Adam silver would not get in the way. Do that. What you wanna see you wanna Katie LeBron I wanna see Katie win a championship for LeBron see that. That's that's the look I've talked about. We k. d. how the negatives, right? Why why? Hello, Brian get rains. There's potential negatives for LeBron potential. 'cause what if LeBron starts decline? He's I mean there's something a little bit, and then what if the is the best player when they join forces? Now LeBron will be playing well championships the championship, but for people like skip, that's gonna be fodder that you know, you me how. Hold on j where he got your file. You've got millions out. JAMES BOND of me j like James worthy wanna, find them be p. over magic. They didn't decrease Magic Johnson who lives in VP. But for the whole year, we magic was the man now with you, but that will for the LeBron haters that will be fodder. Seventeen. So to do the kinda bags. Look say earlier in the show, obviously, Kevin Durant is playing at a higher level, but what has. Now, but first of all, they're not gonna let either one of those guys. They play together windy NBP. So that's off the table. They with this year, the cable. May never win another. We will. Jim Harbaugh is entering his four season at Michigan and went eight and five. Last year's wolverines have been terrible against arch Ohio State Michigan state. So yesterday he was asked about that at big ten media day. Let's take a listen Arbor with perhaps the most type of any coach in the history of the big ten, maybe in all of college football a few years later got a third place, third place, and fourth place finish and your one in five against Michigan state and Ohio State. What do you have to do this year to demonstrate to the Michigan community that you are on the path to achieving what they hired you to achieve? Well, the improvement will lead to successfully championships gotta give it to that report that question what it was loaded, but a lot was asked their Shannon should Harbaugh beyond the hot seat and should be turned up the heat because the end done what they paid them to do. Skip all this fanfare. Remember, coach Schimdt Beck lives. Famous words, were I wanna Michigan man where they got a Michigan man..

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