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Jeff Katz News, radio. W RVs. Oh, there's another example of why I have absolutely positively no respect. For the ABC news operation at this points, right, whoever that talking head from ABC once Goes out of his way to claim there were some who accused Melania Trump. Of off copying some of Ah Michelle Obama's speech. The last time Melania Trump spoke to the Republican National Convention, right, That's his whole story. Wasn't ever demonstrated One way or the other, but nonetheless, Okay. But don't you think that same level of journalistic integrity should have been visited upon Joe Biden? Because Joe Biden just the other night in his carefully wrote rehearsed, I would dare say fixed in postproduction acceptance speech. Seemed to have been list lifted almost wholesale from the late Jack Layton. Jack Layton was the leader of the new Democrat Party in Canada. That is the officially Socialist Party as opposed to the Liberal Party, which is only unofficially socialist. So after Biden speech, it was trending on Twitter, and we know that is the most important place for everything. And it was all over social media. Hey. Canadians, right. These are not Americans these air, not those those nasty evil Republicans who we know just hate Joe Biden Kamala Harris, Because we're bad People know these air Canadians. There's nobody more polite than Canadians. Just ask them. I mean, they won't tell you that. But they are. They're just painfully polite. And Canadians were all over Social media saying, Hey, anybody watch the Joe Biden speech? Didn't that sound exactly like Jack Clayton speech? And yet, I I know this is gravy. I didn't hear our ABC news Folks give that a single solitary second of coverage. Now, Look, I want to be fair. I'm sure That it was simply an oversight and ended Burton Mist Ake. They were probably they were working really hard on it. And and then something else happened like well, something And it drew their attention away. But As your humble servant. I thought that I would let you know about that. I think that's important now. My friend John Reed has ah. Been in the process of traveling through The Heartland. And I think he's back in Richmond. Now ready for the remainder of the Republican National Convention, John Thanks for being here. Thank you. I'm almost there. Two hours.

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