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The level recommended by the World Health Organization I'm Evan Hannah and I get prisoner at Bloomberg world headquarters in New York let's check this hour's top business stories and the markets markets do remain a little optimistic on a partial trade deal between the US and China yesterday negotiators from both sides spoke on the phone the China said that China side I should say called the discussions constructive the trump administration is reportedly poised again to extend the license to allow US companies to continue doing business with Wall way the Chinese telecom equipment maker the current reprieve ISIC set to expire on Monday but the New York times says a disease decision to extend could change given ongoing trade talks Saudi Arabia said evaluation target for the Aramco IPO well below crown prince Solomon's goal of two trillion dollars Aramco we are told will seek evaluation of between one point six trillion and one point seven one trillion and the company will sell just wanted to half percent of its shares on the local exchange that's about half the amount considered earlier the board of H. P. ink has unanimously rejected an unsolicited takeover offer from Xerox holdings H. B. and called the twenty two dollar per share offer too low H. being also said it's open to exploring a merger but there are fundamental questions including Xerox's declining revenue which has been something in place since about June two thousand nineteen we check the markets every fifteen minutes here on Bloomberg right now in Hong Kong hang sang is higher by one percent the Nikkei two twenty five is up three tenths of one percent the cost be though weaker by three tenths of one percent ASX two hundred down one half of one percent and in Shanghai the composite index is higher by two tenths of one percent U. S. ten year treasury in the Tokyo session with the yield of one point eight two percent global news twenty four hours a day on air and a tech talk on Twitter power by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts this is Bloomberg this was.

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