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Credit unit a great place to work certified company with substantial benefits visit Andrews FC dot org I'm Jo comment WTF at traffic now to storm team four meteorologist Michelle Grossman Lots of sunshine today but it's not really going to warm us up We're going to be much cooler than yesterday I have 50° today A little breezy to it times with winds gusting to 18 mph Tonight mostly clear and cold winds will be light with the low of 33° Monday sunny and milder high in the mid 50s and then Tuesday even milder the sun sticks around high 59° Wednesday more clouds we'll call it partly cloudy skies Still mild with temperatures in the mid 50s I'm storm team four meteorologist Michelle Grossman 50° in chantilly Virginia right now 49 Columbia Maryland and 51 in D.C.'s Penn quarter at four 30 at This is W TOP Your source for today's top news traffic and weather Always connected and constantly updated In your car at home at work and on the go WTO P never miss a moment A good afternoon to you on Mike Morello Thomas Robertson is our producer coming up recovery efforts continue but hope dims in Kentucky at any of those people still missing after the deadly tornadoes will be found alive Chris Wallace steps away from Fox News Sunday and moves to a new network Mexican music icon Vicente Fernandez has died Those stories and more just ahead on TOP at his four 31 Rescue teams are combing through what remains of homes and businesses in Kentucky hoping to find signs of life Feared more than a hundred people may have been killed in Kentucky alone after tornadoes and severe weather tore through 6 states in parts of the Midwest and the south CBS News Jim croswell and Mayfield Kentucky and joined us last earlier to talk about it This is a city of 10,000 people in far southwestern.

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