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Time. Damn yeah okay. So this is so tough because it's like you can take. The cliche picks like their uniforms. I really like like the new york yankees uniform. Not a big yankees fan. But i do. I do think the uniform they wear look good in the baseball environment. But my favorite uniform of all time is the kelly green philadelphia eagles uniform. Gotta take that dream eagles. Am i wasting one pig on that. Maybe but i'm be willing to bet that my favorite uniforms aren't odd. I don't think the group favourite uniforms but they're just. There's something i mean. Who's who's the first eagle. You say where you think. The kelly green seven also all seven. I went to my fucking to the high school next to me. Oh my god michael vick. No boomer randall. Oh yeah. I was gonna say randall cunningham. Well i i know boomer i guess better just because that's all people at i talk about twelve. Th they should bring back to. Kelly green uniforms but they should do with the nfl. Seventy fifth anniversary patch on it. Which i think happened in like nineteen ninety five and just patch. The patch on their permanently was boomer. Not on the eagles mike crazy who the fuck you. Think of the jets probably. Yeah i think you're right. Yeah yeah same sort of shade of green. I don't know we'll see i did. I never watch. I didn't really even correct you. Just because i didn't know for sure so it's not that someone fucking screaming. Sure but if they listen to this podcast long enough. They were morons. Yeah they know very stupid stupid dude a do green green green green green. Okay so i'm up in. Can you take a guess. What my pictures. It's the pet rumbling bumble and the powder blues of the superchargers san diego cheesy so easy for me. Obviously not just as charges fan. But it's just it's it's objectively one of the best uniforms and all of major sports. And i think that's just straight affect the audience co charges part of blue. Was his number one. Picky obviously doesn't get it. He does get over. I would i think is a great jersey. But i'm not sure audience is gonna feel about this Brazil soccer home.

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