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Jerry Rice is on the line, which yours truly. How are you? My man. How's everything going? Everything's good, man. Another Super Bowl. Here we go. Did I ever tell you that? I'm still mad at you, and my anger towards you has been dating back years, and I have to tell you what you talking about. You mentioned quite you came off, right? Quite frankly years ago when I have on television show on ESPN tubes a decade ago. Okay. Just finished doing dancing with the stars. And if I recall winning dancing with the stars. No, I did not win. No, no. Would you do what you to run came? Yes. I did. I got to beat Shane. Okay. Well, let me tell you something you're dance pretty damn good. And you came quite frankly, and you show dance moves that. I couldn't imitate. So as it was wrong because everybody knows I can't incident, and you all your food to take some lessons. It's all your fault. Well, you don't be blaming me. I am blaming you. Because dammit, you can't I can't I can't help you dance. What you try? I'm not to pay me to give you lessons. Don't play NFL football anymore. I need a job come on. Now. Jerry Rice, first of all what have you been doing? Which is because you're on behalf of NFC. First of all talk about what you're doing with Hennessy, and what's going on with that. Let's yeah. Hennessy is they have of a righty of COMEX cognac brandy and is made in cognac France and two hundred fifty years they have celebrated this with their customers. And you have the never stop the never settle attitude, and that was something that I did in professional football. So hey with the big Super Bowl coming up probably gonna be Hennessy on rocks are might go to Hennessy x ole which is extra extra old. You know, what I'm saying.

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