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Fanatic at FedEx Field by a score of 20 to 9 Alex Smith a touchdown in an interception on the day Antonio gifts in his fourth straight game with a touchdown chase Young at a big game as well, including the force bumble near the goal line of the fourth and goal against his old friend, Joe Burrow. That, however, was not the bad part of the day for job, Earl. Her down and three the Bangles at their own nine. They have three receivers in a tight cluster to the right single receiver out to the left through sample burrow back to throw from the two loops that high downfield leaping attempt by Boyd broken up by Fuller. And after gaining seven yards in the first place, Yarborough is down her grabbing his left knee. He's in pain. Oh, God! Looks like Joe Burrows in trouble. And Horton Dave Lapham on Cincinnati's ESPN 15 30 in the Bangles Radio network. And, Yeah, Joe borrowed on pace to have the most past attempts incompletions per game of any rookie quarterback in history. Injured his knee. He was carted off later tweeted to his followers. See you next year. We'll find out more about the severity of the injury. There are reports that say it is an A C l U turned out. Ryan family came on to replace him with three for 10 for 30 yards, not a whole lot to be done there, though, as Cincinnati falls to 27 and one on the year and afterwards, the head coach Zach Taylor, Talked about the injury It's upon, you know he's making improvements every week and we were getting the offense had in direction that we thought was exciting. To wish your quarterback is told. But that Z the way it goes, you know, and next man up and finally came up and we gotta help him and I got a call. Put him in some better situations there. Home to give us confidence going our way and we just didn't get it done all the way around. Cincinnati is now winless in 19 consecutive road games 0 18 and one dating back to October of 2018. And it was Carolina planter home today against Detroit because of the fact that they didn't have Teddy Bridgewater choice made by Mad Rule. The former Temple head coach to go with his former temple quarterback, P. J. Walker got an opportunity for a start. Today he threw for 258 yards and a touchdown. Carolina beat Detroit today by a score of.

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