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President Truman. He goes to Potsdam to meet with This is right after the the Germans surrendered to go meet with Winston Churchill. And Joseph Stalin the Soviet later. Churchill British Prime Minister and the day that he's first. Their July sixteenth three weeks before the bomb has dropped, they have the first test of the bomb and the scientists are in in Alamogordo in on the desert in New Mexico and they don't know some of the saying. We're GONNA. Hit the switch and it's not. It's going to be a dot. Nothing's going to happen. Other people's I. It is going to ignite the atmosphere, and they literally are wagering wagering will destroy us new. Mexico were well destroy the western United, states so. You know this is the unleashing of the atomic age, and they're people. You never heard of that were just. Fascinating and you're also have heard of like Dwight Eisenhower the you know. The Supreme Allied Commander in Europe. Who says to Truman a few days before? Don't drop the bomb. The Japanese are going to rid. Are GonNA surrender anyway, and we shouldn't be the first country to unleash the the first true weapon of mass, destruction and filming. Wants to hear what he has to say but he He doesn't go with them. He decides he's going to drop the bomb. Anyway. You know I've been reading. Accidental presidents is what you know. That touches very very lightly on what your book really goes into. You know especially with President Dying. In whole accidental president is about people who really weren't expecting to be the president. Being told Oh time for you to go when they're like holy crap. Now I gotta be president and so. There's a light stroke on what you're talking about in this book, but I'm GonNa. Read it I'm going to get your copy navy depending on how this interview goes. I put a little unscripted. And and and and I want you to honestly tell me in your readers afterwards, whether whether or not you're enjoyed it because I'm not confident that you and they will say you know what that really was a good rate. Yeah I'll read it, and then I'll call. Have your number. I'll call in the middle of the night and be like. Hey, hey, wake up, and he bobby I want to talk about chapter four. Here's what. Well, I'm really happy. You're here I. Just wanted to ask you a couple of things because I was. Going to all your notes of of all the great people that you've spoken to. And I was I reading about Mother Teresa. You've interview. Mother Theresa I wonder what is not talking to her light, but what is getting to her like? And how many people do you have to go through when you talk to someone like a mother, Theresa well. This was back in Nineteen, seventy, nine and she. was in Calcutta, which is where her mission was and I. You know I don't know. She won the Nobel Peace Prize and and so we went halfway around the world to interviewer I didn't have to set it up, but I I remember we arrived at our mission and I am not particularly well I'm I'm a religious person? I believe in God. I'm not particularly organized religious person, but I have to say that whether it was on a spiritual plane or a religious buying or a secular applying she, she operated at a different spiritual level than anybody else. I had ever met and and I remember when the whole we were there for a week seeing how she you know was ten thing to lepers and people who've been left on the three to die and this extraordinary. missionaries of Charity and I remember at the end of it. She brought me and my crew up to chapel. Intermission and she prayed for are safe trip. And I was at the time I'm pretty good about it now a little bit of nervous flyer, but when it ended I turn to my producer and I, said you know what I've never felt safer about a plane trip God's flying on this line with us, and she was just super tough lady. It was a little Yugoslavian lady. I don't know five feet tall, but she was top nails at the had to be to to to deal with the extraordinary poverty and and and famine. You know the lack of food and sanitation, and all of that in Calcutta and kind of create. This away says that she had. Did, she have bodyguards making sure nobody harassed her. No no I mean you got to remember. This is nineteen seventy nine. This is a different world and Th. There wasn't wasn't that kind of security in in those days I'll tell you Calcutta though I've only been there once, and that was quite extraordinarily. We came in from the airport and we're driving along. There was no big superhighway. You're driving along like A. Two Lane Road, and this is in the middle of the night, and there were all these lumps. Dark mounds the on the sidewalks along the road coming in from the airport to the center of the city, and I remember saying to the driver. What what's that? And he said that's people and I forget the number I may have been a million of may have been two million who just slept on the side of the street, and they had these open gutters where the sidewalk the street at that running. Running water in them and that's where people would would bays and brush their teeth, and that's sanitation I mean that you know it's kind of a I should say sanitation in quotes, but it was an extraordinary scene unlike anything I've ever seen before since. That's what I'm GONNA. Say when this interviews over when I was talking to Chris an extraordinary scene unlike anything I've ever seen or done before have I that. Thank you very much. For the here. By the way, let let me hit it again. Let me hit it again Chris. Wallace is on June. Ninth is called countdown one thousand forty-five, although Chris to be fair. People are going to hear this on radio, but millions are going around podcast, so they don't need to hear me. Reset it up because they've already heard US say at once. That makes sense. Yeah, you can never say okay all right all right. We'll I WANNA. Thank you for dressing up for this interview. Listen let me add a couple more questions before I. Get roasted here too much. Michael Jordan you were with Michael Jordan while he was still playing. You know I I. Don't know if you watch the documentary or not I felt like I watched every minute of it. Okay, he. You know depending on who you talk to some say. He was a great leader something he was a great bully. What would you say about Michael? Jordan, I would say I what happened was that I love Michael Jordan. I used to watch all the time, and I always said you know I'm GonNa Watch them, and then the son of a gun quit and I thought my God I've you know I've missed my chance? And then he came back and I said I'm absolutely going to to go see him, so I went to Washington and he came to I. I think that came to Washington once. A year and I made a point of taking. My son was then ten years old out to see him, and it was like the Beatles. This is the year he first your that he came back and they won seventy two games I. Think they were either Seventy and twelve or seventy two fan. I'm sure somebody out. There knows that they broke the record for the most wins and Italy was it was Jordan and Pippen and Rodman and Phil Jackson is that this is the Beatles and I was working on a magazine show with Diane Sawyer and Sam Donaldson at the time called Primetime, and so I went to my producer, and I said it. Can. With the BEEP. Can do it and the juror and you pitched one. Reason you know. They were the hottest story in sports. Then they said yes, and we basically spent. About a month, not all solid off on the road. On because the Chicago Bulls you've. I got to play. hoops was Michael. We played. I went up to him and I said all right, so we're going to do this and I said. Let's play game course. And he said No. Let's dog and I said what's dog is that it's to letter shorter DOJ, so it's okay, but I said you start with the and you have to shoot from three point line and I can shoot from a few feet closer in. That was fine with him so I'd start shooting. He'd start yelling I. I missed the BASS. Good.

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