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Prices for DM's fell ten percent in q four the company. Also blamed a quote stagnant and fiercely competitive smartphone markets, and then contributing to all of this is the worldwide decline in smartphone. Shipments particularly slowing market in China. China's academy of information and communications technology says that smartphone shipments in the country were down fifteen point five percent Canelas estimates that should been. Since fell twelve percent, China next them to drop below four hundred million in two thousand nineteen for the first time since a few years ago. Yeah. I. So I mean, this is a knock on to. When Samsung says that they're d-ram chips prices fell part of that has to do with data centers not related to phones. But also, they're not making as much money selling chips to phone makers. Right. So that is contributing to it this this decline in the Chinese market is is going to have a knock on to a lot of companies, especially the companies that aren't growing. I mean, it's certainly going to hurt wa because while way sells the majority of its phones in China, but it has such a big market share there. It can weather storm a little more Samsung and apple were already declining because of competition, and then you add a slowing market on top of it that really hurts them. The other thing is in China. I think we'll see people gravitating towards the Chinese brands. Now, maybe a little bit making them. I can good devices. Now, they competitive, so you know, if you've got a choice between a local and an international brand fund, and the local ones seems just as good it will pay and what are you going to choose even though they're all technically. Locals and so most of them are made in Chinese factory. But yeah, I mean the perception is the brand is right. It's a it's a domestic company. All right. Let's talk a little bit about some stuff that we saw at CESA production model of royals foldable tablet is on display here. The flex pie at P A. I not PIE folds from seven point inch AM seven point eight inch amyloid tablet into a thick smartphone form runs on a Snapdragon..

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