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Pretty much herself into the group. Pretty hard working single mom got it got it. Got to respect that and jen. How do you like Like all the dynamics right there at the show is it is it kind of tribute with the drama or or you kind of have fun with it or which approach into it. It was a whole different. It was you think for me. So i just kind of like tip toe my way round everybody on the now i think are a little more comfortable in france. Happy valley get along with everybody. I just kind of go with the flow seal Not so much drama. He i. I mean i'm with my husband all the time i i do some girls nights handouts but the most part i think you know i keep it cool. Let me ask you something. Because my wife was i was conversation with you. You say you do some girls nights. What are you average on girls nights. He's got a couple of kids and and like you say like. How often do you have a girls night. It's not so often so when so like not but what once every other month or like once a month. Maybe i mean a lot of my friends have kids. Yeah it's hard to get together once a month once every other month and you guys dinner and the whole thing. And you're and frank is supportive of that and cool and mom needs a break right and and i'm sure probably actually set her up as long as she like her. That obviously is not as more like specifically during the pandemic is more like come over. The she goes over to their house. Glass of wine or two. You know it's it's it's nothing. Like what.

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