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In virginia beach virginia not far from uh a r e which uh feature your book gray guinness book store uh uh about it much anybody else to be fine um edgar casey and so for our friends at virginia beat her they've house it'd be a number of time and and i i liked the way you're thinking of we're taking if even one step further i um we have pilot program where we are developing new curricula for trump uh put mainstream schools in response to the request from teachers mainstream public teachers who have come to our seminars and they're saying how can we hear this with our young people uh and it's we that we've strip it down to the basic uh the language is very simple uh in either all based imperial beautify into what it says is that nature is based on cooperation not competition and that we are uniquely imbued with feasability were connected to our so to our bodies to one another and into the world and the questions being asked what would it be like to raise a new generation of young people feel that connection and it it feel that they are part of rather than separate from this world in empowered in ways that we have been fearful in the past where would that leave and i think we have the opportunity to to answer that question now so coast to coast university would be great and we're even looking beyond that in response to the educators themselve asking to have this information in a curricula that they can share truthfully honestly and factually in classrooms gregory always wanted people to get.

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