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Executive director and ceo of saint landry economic development group. He has served in that position. Since two thousand thirteen and under bells leadership the group has been recognized nationally through outlets such as business and focus magazine before his current position bell served as deputy director at the louisiana workforce commission and also had recruitment roles with louisiana economic development. There's been a boom of activity up and down. The i forty nine corridor. And there's also a concerted effort to revitalize downtown appaloosas yet. Saint landry parish is much bigger than those two focuses its mecca for entertainment and culture about. It'd be interesting to let bill roggio. Explain all the positive things going on in saint landry parish and maybe fila son on how this positively impacts lafayette parish. Bill rodier. welcome to the show. Thank you for having me. Truly pleasure thank you. We're sitting here again in my home in our studio here on a saturday. You're about to take a trip. Someone thank you for taking time to share your story. Yes up some more happy. Do tell the stories. Yeah yeah so we met. I think through the end. The lafayette chamber of commerce economic development. But maybe the upper lafayette group and iran. Matt you've always done something dealing with education. It might have been remains that you were working some public education. look past. Yeah yeah we were looking to improve the public school system years which i guess people will always do the always be working on that yes. It's absolutely critical. Do not forget that. Continue that work right right. So you've been working with same under perish nail. I guess for about eight years. So did you start under bill. Fontana when he was parish president. When did you begin. Bill was actually perished president prior to me getting there. we're not actually parish government. We obviously work very closely with perish government but we're not quote unquote apart irish government. Right now so. I think bill may have been there if i had to guess two three years before i got there. It seems like that time things were really starting to focus. Come into focus in saint landry parish so if you want to talk about what led you to taking this position your experience before that you know state landry parish. There's a lot of people in this region. Have direct ties back to saint land parachutes kind of funny if i do presentations in the lafayette area. I'll always ask the audience. Who has a direct tie back to saint landing page such as your you. One time he lived there lived there. Fourteen years your daughter went to school sacred heart. You would be amazing almost all the time. Forty percent of the room has some kind of a direct tie back to saint landry. They have some of their family. That works there. They send their children to school. They're they're originally from there. They still have family in there. So saint landhi parish is really really got a long long really deep history and acadian. It's just a quick overview saint landry. It's about nine hundred forty square miles one of the larger parishes within louisiana and it's also got twelve incorporated communities which is the most in louisiana. So there's a lot to saint landy. perish but as an economic developer. One of the first things that i looked at this position became available. How much opportunity. Seen any perry chang if you look at saint landing perish on a map. It's actually divided not not quite in quarters but it's divided in force by four lane highways. You've got highway. One ninety that starts across springs and saint landry which has import. has a major refinery. That's a key employer parish over. There goes clear through appaloosas ends in where we have an absolute jim in lsu e units with a dynamic new chancellor this wonderful things with that. And then we've got forty nine. They comes up and connects us obviously t lafayette parish. But the girls and we'll talk some about the growth is happening on there But that provides another just incredible resource and assets gives us that transportation code. Which is something that we're really focusing on hard both in our parish in partnership with lafayette parents as well. So he's so we have to colleges. Sec has multiple campuses and opelousas lsu. We divided four lane highways. They cut us into force like that. They create centres strong base for economic development infrastructure resources. So just. I just really saw potential. After potential after potential and saint landhi perish. The and i still see that light. We're we're making great progress but only just starting to scratch the surface on what the potential of the parachutes in my opinion seabrook. Good experience with you from being a louisiana workforce mission in an led the louisiana economic development department. You really had some boots on the ground experience. You could bring to the table kind of an eclectic background experience actually a lifetime. Easter car dealership and have some experience in property development both commercial and residential as well so all different backgrounds and experience. I think it come into play to in some way shape or form. If i was to describe our job it can hit very by day. But we're almost like puzzle ears and we put pieces together to make things So so you have to have kind of an understanding of live different views and angles because it takes bringing a lot of people together to make things work and you have to understand. What's important to those people's i always find that interesting when somebody's headed position in sales because no matter what we do bill. It seems like you have to sell what you're dealing right. You guys sell the region that you're promoting stuff to sell the talent and everything that's available in saint landry parish but did that must have been tough for a car dealership that to me seems like demanding job just hours especially if you're you're the person in everybody's looking at in the dealership absolutely it's a little bit of a labor of love you either really like people in like the business or you don't you. Don't stay with it so that's probably a similarity between those. Businesses is the emphasis on people in the interaction with people idea sales. If you asked me what my job is really to help. Stimulate investment within saint landy perished but also to attract investment from outside seeing you pair. So i guess you could cut categories of salesroom for short. so that's such a parish. Do you focus mainly on. I guess you have to focus on the whole parish is a large part of your focus on appaloosas. The i guess the largest city and beyond where it's located it's kind of funny. I think that you would relate to this. If you ask somebody in another part of acadian if you say saint landhi parish. What's the first thing they say. Well up looses now. I know they should be saying zydeco. Also that's right that we've actually just been designated as the coin. Perish capital of in the legislature. This year as well because of the huge impact the economic impact is insane land new so we really haven't started that promotion yet but that's of seymour of to think about that the race track. Yes i mean you got it from paris loss change. It'd be on that talk about sacred heart. There coin influence the copper crown coin facility and i could go on and on their coins in saint landry just become massive actually probably one to three echoing capitals in in the entire united states Behind ocala.

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