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Twitter would be going nuts about how he's off he looked missing guys that were open holden the ball too long it just didn't look good but we give them a pass because he's kirk has yet looks good and we need more now yeah that's fine but i'm just saying there's a good run over on this offense he's missing a lot of the pieces the he's used to and it showed saw yeah absolutely little worry are we got six games left guy so we we can do it roussum takeaways here patriots tax ends big takeaways have already talked about burkhead that was my big takeaway away from the patriots i had anything else on that there the ball no my my entire cited at balls just rex burkhead yes bus pass plus tax inside the shawn watson did not have a good performance he did a rush for a touchdown tom savage it tom savage is going to be the start hey kinda secured that with a very good performance tom savage needs to be madam to so needs to to make a tom savage because he is he is a wax statue i mean neka cannot fit he is carson palmer is more agile in the pocket than tom savage but my take away from the texas says will act statue my my uh my take away from that side of the ball was lamar miller look lamar i'm talking to you now i have been a unique experience area thiry go lamar i have supported you i have signed jersey from foreseen and arjun of you in my office thing here towns but i watched you give one in every way this preseason.

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