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Gets you on of course cosby and i'm not gonna i did a lot of cosby obviously our number one because the story just broken bill cosby guilty all three counts bill cosby if he's sentenced to ten years on each of the counts and if he gets ten years each to run consecutively and not concurrently i mean bill cosby could be in prison and dili's one hundred ten i 'cause he's eighty vow thirty years on eighty is one ten l gonna make it that long but you know this judge could reduce sentencing or make the three counts concurrent we'll see what happens cosby is out on bail there was a million dollar bond on cosby which is still in place a many you're scratching their heads that on the conviction of three big felony counts like this why didn't the judge widen the judge remand cosby take him into custody he's able to walk right out of the courtroom now apparently he's getting an ankle monitoring bracelet put on either today or very shortly folks do you know that there are sixty two women sixty two women have stepped forward with stories of cosby rape abuse being drugged sexual molestation sixty two women folks if you take sixty one away and you have one individual that cosby raped that's a life sentence potentially if and and certainly many trials but sixty two women i'm sorry they're not online cosby had us all full time and there's no doubt the tom mezro the attorney for cosby is going to appeal he has said very strongly that an appeal is coming and as i pointed out earlier you know some of the grounds for the appeal the jury did they fully understand everything in the sentencing because the jury as the judge early on during deliberations if they could get the definition of consent and the judge and the cosby case said no you can't all of the information regarding consent everything was presented during the trial so could that be an appeal point and then the other appeal i brought this up in our number one is that you had four other women at four four other women were able to testify in this retrial so different than the previous trial four other cosby accusers were able to testify against cosby and one of.

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