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Remember your shimmy drunk while I'm going to do the thing. Ryan Boyd him at all costs. And if I leave the bar mental lead the bar was I don't think I can have a friendly conversation with him, especially being extremely drunk. I mean. Yeah, you hate your more known for hating him than I am. So I think it'd be more awkward for you. May I probably I go like Greg big fan. What's up, man? Like all the haters out there like barstool hubs on Twitter, so many haters out there. They're the worst. I got your back. Like, you're gonna fight through these injuries. I love that. Sweet lefty swing state and we need in the lineup. Go get a man, and I'd probably grab a picture. Moving on next next question from t y dinks for the short porch. You'd compare is a really good question. Like this. If you were to compare the twenty nine team to the two thousand nine team safest, a judge compares to jeeter for that team who is this team to Decky Matsui, a cold blooded killer. The Boston killer the ultimate World Series of. That is a good question. I'm thinking clutch guy. You're gonna up to have big hits consistent steady consistent. I might say. Graber in my head. He did have a bad plough. It will take it would be if he was healthy. I think the easy answer if he's healthy. I bought from Taylor though. Void is a Boston killer him. Yeah. I think I think Labor's gonna have it really Salty's glaciers kind of flown under the radar. Yeah. Definitely it's weird. Because he was I mean, you know of best prospects in baseball last season had a really good season. Got a little bit overshadowed by Andrew Harr Shohei Otani, but sill an awesome season for rookie. It's two twenty two years old. I think, you know, hidden tour towards the bottom of the order. He's going to have a really really nice season. So I'll say they come up with some big kits in a sort of like Matsui's not gonna be relied upon to hit third or fourth. I think provide some some big hits from the bottom of the lineup. My biggest concern with him is how they fuck with him with tools. Oh, and Loma Hugh and playing time wise, I you're he gets a lot of singing you've expressed that before out of your concern about that cider. I don't know how to do that. But I don't think there's no way he's only playing two out of every three days. So I think they said they met it out. I think he said he's only going to get day off. He's going to one game off a week was still sounds too much because Kleber towards these. So young. But I don't know. I guess we'll see goes. I think the guy I'm not gonna like put on eggs basket right now. But I think the Mayhew could turn into that type of high contact rate hits the high average guy he's been pretty clutch thinking time in Colorado. I think key could kinda turn into a sneaky like clutch silent killer type guy, especially silent. He silent killer in LeMay, you ago had exactly the same. So he could turn into that. But a guy who's been on the team. Yeah. I go voided glacier. Probably that spot. Yeah. Then that that is our show. We're gonna be back an our we're twice a week. So we'll be back here on Thursday. You will hear we're doing out of China right at amount of Thursday. That's an awesome interview. Great, dude. He's had a killer spring his stuff is ridiculous. So which we sat down with him poolside for about twenty five minutes. And hopefully, we have some more. We have some optimistic news about on Thursday show instead of Severino Hicks Delon Nells, very we'll probably have ellsbury up. They would be nice. But that thanks for listening. If this first time listening hope you enjoyed I think he did sterling fucking awesome. And there's more of this to come of the show is on the up and up. I promise you that. So Tommy got anything else. Twenty seven rings baby..

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