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It showed. was that last month. Throw the leading. Democrats relieving trump by anywhere from say a point to six points points in the case of Joe Biden and now they're all trailing him In the state of Wisconsin that was pivotal in two thousand sixteen. And I think that on its own although this is just one poll combined with the New York Times. CNN Paul's last month That came out gives you a pretty good understanding that the President United States may be in trouble nationally but in the swing states that matter that is far from clear the case is there any waiting issues and his poll. I what I what I was essentially saying which I was rather interesting was we saw across. The board trump was doing better. We saw the impeach removed question that fewer wanted to impeach her move. We saw his favorable ratings. Climb and we saw that he was doing better in the horse race which to me perhaps indicates for whatever reason potentially that maybe this was a more friendly sample to the present United States but it could be indicative of real movement fastening stuff swing states are where it's at Harian. That is a wrap for now. Thank y'all so much for listening. Tweet your reactions to the debate. I'm at John Avalon Harry. I'm at forecast. Renton E. N.. T. That is in fact how you spell your name and please remember to subscribe on Apple. PODCASTS pitcher Google podcast spotify or your favorite podcast APP. While you're out there leaves reading your common. It really does help appreciate it and special. Thanks Amy Eason Rajdeep occasion Asia and Missile Slavski and David laid out. We'll see you back here next. I'm on the forecast pets..