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It's it's a question of how you can have the sort of area that you write about talk about stay fresh. And it's something I definitely keep trying to think about how can I present my material in ways that people will want to continue reading because you know, I I'm so hell about a Netflix flicks there his yes, exactly ally. You know, it's always the issue of like. Is actually I'm not even kidding. Could be a good show. You know, cleaning up your calendar with Laura manner him exactly and it'd be like Murray condo. But with time. He awesome. I would watch that one hundred percent, maybe. And the question is how do you make something that is this time oh easily easily 'cause you can show you the way like I could show you throwing something in a trash can I don't know if I can show you that part less visually. You could show the planner or you could show their calendar. You could show snippets you. There would be ways of of doing it while we are totally object says, I think it'd be awesome listening and wants to reach out about that. Yeah. You never know. Will we forgot my question about technology and always on availability because I felt like the book actually had a great nod to that the fact that it was her phone that was emailing her phone getting texted, you know, this book probably couldn't have been it could have been written. I guess you could have been getting memo's, but it would have been hard to write thirty years ago. Because on the weekends. How would you have gotten paying all day? Right. So I guess did you is there subtle message in the book for bosses or leadership to kind of not affect that always on quality from their employees while I think there definitely is and end Juliet is running her business, which is a very successful business without demanding twenty four seven availability from her employees, or, you know, making them unhappy at any way the thing though with with Riley..

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