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Who would you call to bail you out of jail? The see there'd be a lot of there'd be a lot of people, so call my brother. He would bail me out, but if you want to be like a like somebody like a famous person, jail out, Call Jake. Jake would get out of jail. Did you not asking questions because he brought out their. Posters on your wall growing up I did we had I? mean you know huge Lsu band? So? We had like Kevin Faulk all those like early Lsu Gas, Josh Booty Saints Fans through like Bob Rare Cajun cannon. Yeah just like Louisiana's sports, cats, and do you have a nickname? Do stick figure why stick together. Has Been shortened to stick now so like. I'm a pretty tall guy in my freshman year high school. I was probably six three a buck forty. And But I was out pretty good baseball. So the first practice I was like the skinniest cat out there, and there is a senior that when we run in the basis. Apparently when I was running. WHO's at skinny cat? And they're like I, don't know some restaurant in light duty looks like stick figure out. Do The stock. I still people still intrigued work it got it got so well received. My mom still caused me. while. The mom lean to do it, too, yeah. Jordan Davis thanks so much for being on the wells cast The new self titled EP is out now. Go listen to it wherever you listen to music. If people want to support you and your music, where should they go get your music? Gee, I, don't know I now like this stream it I know everybody's moving into a streaming world. Yeah me, spotify Apple Music Amazon. Buy On you to around attendance. You have at it. We know come to show I mean that's that's like my mama thing is like. You know obviously listening to music, but like we have a blast man like we're we. I feel like I've got one of the best bands in the business and we put a lot of work into our show, so. If you want to support us. Come out to show a promise, you is GonNa be a good town by the record at the merge table with a t shirt. You you go. Is there anything that I didn't ask you that you wanted to promote I? Think that's it. Mandate appreciate. You have me on dude and talking about the EP dude. I'm a famine, so love what you're doing in. Hopefully, we'll get to talk again soon. Yeah, at some point that'd be back in Nashville. Thank you so much man. Your story is crazy and funny and inspiring, and yeah. Everyone out there. Go check out the new, EP. Self titled Jordan Davis Dude. Thanks so much man, awesome wells percent letterman. Stay safe out there. You, too. Bye I love that. I love that I mean there are the people who are famous who are hell bent and determined to be famous, and then there are people out there that all they set out to do was make something great. Make something beautiful. That's what he that's all. He wanted right. He's a songwriter. He wanted to be a song writer. He wanted to write beautiful music that other people could go on tour with and put on their records, and then someone was like. This guy is six three good looking big beard needs to be a front man and I feel terrible for doing the thing that I did which was like the. The bachelor, wrong reasons thing right reasons thing, but it's true. He got into the music industry for the right reasons because he wanted to make good music. It wasn't about having a tour bus and groupies and giant mansion in Beverly Hills Anyway Super Cool. Dude really really interesting story again. The new single is almost maybes. The new EP self titled Jordan Davis No. Wonder this one just kill. But he. Hasn't even looked till act wall team. But. I can't help. It can't take. As awful. Have all been there right? That was cool episode. If you liked it, go rate and review on the APP doors. Let stuff and yeah going to hit me up. Can Wells cast at iheartradio Dot Com? You can also tweet me at wells, Adams, or INSTAGRAM DM if there are people that you'd like to hear on the show. Yeah, tweet to us about it, and we'll see if we can mind it up and so that's that all right. I'm going to Bear now all right Magog. Sit around a bonfire. Play the guitar. Drink a bunch of whiskey butcher, some songs and who knows maybe I'll get signed a deal later. Subscribe to wealth cast on iheartradio, apple, podcasts or anywhere you get your podcast. It's the Internet. Stuck inside Siesta key is the getaway you need right now tonight on MTV getaway to the sun, the surf and the sabotage. This season Juliet may be moved onto Richard men, but she's still caught up in the drama, and when she exposes Alex's Dirk Secret,.

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