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Five north bound slow big Beaver Creek switch your right lane blocked in the Adil diameter of twenty four hour traffic center im Kay T. W. W. J. newsradio nine fifty a cold evening into our Saturday it's going to be clear though accu weather's calling for temperature low of their twenty five degrees though the real feels are gonna be in the teens sunshine for tomorrow and Sunday highs in the forties for tomorrow afternoon Sunday though high near fifty dust off the grill a cold breeze into our Monday bring some cloudy skies maybe some rain Monday afternoon not as warm maybe a high of forty degrees then but tonight clear and cold will drop down to twenty five into Saturday sunny skies at the moment thirty five degrees in south field we have thirty four in Garden City right now it's thirty six in Detroit don't miss this Saturday steel at old navy teens are twelve Bucks for adults ten Bucks for kids and adults in boys plus winter teaser nine Bucks plus women and toddlers cozy socks are just one Buck in stores only Saturday at Old Navy valid to twenty to select styles only there's no bigger industry in Michigan the automotive industry this is John McElroy turn at the W. W. J. each weekday morning at five forty three sixty three and eleven fifty three it is not only talk about rand sales and technology would take you inside the executive suite signs and challenges auto inside newsradio nine fifty W. W. J. and online WWJ newsradio number one news station forty nine fifty WGN the jury is deadlocked in the Harvey Weinstein rape trial will have the latest I jumping flu deaths among children will explain also on the way Hyundai recall expands to its sister brand kia hi moral beat reporter Jeff Gilbert good afternoon I'm Jacki page and I'm Jason Scott for WWJ newsradio nine fifty still to come this half hour Monday recall it it may be late February but it's a huge day for the future of the NFL the latest on the C. B. a boat coming up during sports and less than fifteen minutes we'll check your money at three fifty five the Dow lower right now by more than two hundred sixty points W. W. J. deuce time is now three thirty one the jury in the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault trial is that a deadlock at the moments and two of the most serious charges the judges told them to keep deliberating your CBS news correspondent Nikki Batiste say just came back and asked the judge and their eleventh no to him whether or not they can be hung on the two most serious counts and unanimous on the other three I'll go through them quickly the two most serious counts one in three or predatory sexual assault that would potentially send Harvey Weinstein to prison for life either of those counts my skin is charged with five sex crimes including rape and predatory sexual assault a step toward justice for customers of a Macomb county tanning salon who say that they were violated when a man is stuck security cameras into the tanning beds Shelby township police say they arrested a thirty eight year old I. T. specialist for the crime here's police chief Robert chili over a hundred people reach out to us were concerned about this that they're over in that tanning booth and validate can amend compromised without the clothing on it happened at the chili peppers tanning salon at Van **** a twenty five mile road the suspect is expected to be arraigned on Monday on the campaign trail Nevada's Democratic Party now reporting a huge turnout in early voting ahead of tomorrow's caucuses CBS news correspondent Steve Futterman.

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