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From Amazon and komo's Brian Calvert reports the money's designated for women and minorities Seattle university points to what it calls. It's deep history of educating women and under. Represented minority students in science and engineering. Forty percent of the fulltime faculty are women three of whom are department chairs and forty three and a half percent of science and engineering. Students are women to continue this quest. Seattle. You leaders say Amazon gift of three million dollars goes to its new center for science and innovation where the money will be used specifically to expand opportunities for women and minorities for a stem career the school says it committed itself to offer more opportunities for these groups six years ago by doubling the number of female and ethnic science technology engineering and math grads construction of the new sentence are center that is for science and innovation is expected to begin later this spring. Brian Calvert, KOMO news. Jay Inslee is expected to sign a Bill today, creating a public option health care plan that lawmakers approved last month, it makes the state will dictate the terms of the healthcare plans, but will hire private insurance companies to administer them. Washington will become the first state to enter the private health insurance market with a universal public option plan. It will be available to all residents, regardless of income by twenty twenty one eight other states have proposed their own public option measures, but have not approved the legislation yet the fallout from the continuing trade battle with China. Could mean a higher price when you go to pay for your next orca card more from komo's lease stole. You probably have one of these in your car in your wallet. If you are a commuter eight orca card to get you on buses to trains and ferries as well. But the cars are actually made in China. And this is where there could be some issues with that increasing tariffs on Chinese goods means it will cost an extra forty eight cents to make each card. It now cost to forty to make the cards compared to a dollar ninety two last year today aboard of local transit agencies is voting on a plan to take four hundred thousand dollars out of a contingency budget to cover that increase. That would be a big hit to the million dollar reserve the transit agencies need to buy seven hundred and fifty thousand new cards this year to keep up with. Demand tonight, the Bonney lake food Bank has asking for help Copeland with its financial problems. More from komo's Suzanne fon. The Bonney lake food Bank is only about seven hundred square feet. It's jam packed donated food so fruits not an issue what they desperately need is the ability to keep their doors. Open stew Bolen. The director says they're feeding about a thousand families a month. The demands up for sure if Bank really needs financial donations to keep things running Boeing says for some reason people aren't giving as much money food everywhere, but the financial resources have dropped off food Bank. Also needs a much bigger space, but they don't have the money to move into another place where between a rock and a hard place. So right now, we've been living out of savings for over a year almost year and a half. Komo news time five thirty nine two sailors had to be rescued while out for a hike in Mason county yesterday. The sheriff's office says the sailors were hugging underneath the steel bridge in the Olympic forest. They got stuck on some cliffs the sheriff's office is urging people not to hike under the steel bridge. Just a minute away. From a KOMO sports update. Go on news time five thirty nine. It's hard work. No an ad from save money on car insurance. By bundling home and auto with progressive and cut. That was good. So are there any other things you need me to talk about or I could do an ad for something..

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