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Us you can tweet him at dawn siegelman as ieg ege lma an governor uh we uh we lost our phone connection as you were uh speaking to the issue of the core of the core of the weaponization of our criminal justice system here in the united states you wanna this recap real quick lay what you're saying well i if both unfortunate and of course wrong i think that of course it by story emanates from from karl rove barbate of at the white house two thousand one and after the kipling drew letter touted it is possible democratic could put the party together greater challenge george w bush in two thousand four that's when things started to rail gawk and karl rove best friend and former business partner billy canary his wife was confirmed does us attorney and she kicked of a federal investigation into higher gear uh i will initially brought to trial in two thousand four two thousand six oh while her husband was running by pundits general election campaign so uh at least in by k said no dude where the of one of the matter was coming from cuba's coming from karl rove and carl rose forces in alabama who did not want me to be reelected for two thousand two because they knew i was scoring at the end of the primaries democratic primaries and and how we have it opera to to do but on the ticket the child is george w bush in two thousand four but after i was indicted in and acquitted ordered government dismissed the charges to 2004 we uh ripped up again looking at two thousand six and a again it was jeff sessions those retired fbi agents who wasn't the fbi that that that came after many of you have irs retired fbi agents working for call roadsquad bill pryor who built the case against may in 2004 2000 should exert there's no question that this was.

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