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She we blow? No, I was a wolf made it to wolf I think wolf bear like club. Like, I thought we blow is the first one. No, we blows after you become. Hold on. It's a boy's boy scout cub scout. Scally blows. And then boy scout hold on a second. We blow bear wolf tiger. Bob cat. Oh. Flight I guess is the first one blow bear wolf. Yeah. No. No, Bob cat. Yeah. It goes. Bob cat, tiger wolf bear we blow. No, I made it to we blow diamond over here on your light the diamond of patches of the four alive. Yeah. And then my scout leader went to rehab. So we weren't able to do that anymore. Sounds about right. Real story. Ago. We was going to sit in a girl scout uniform in the lobby of the building. And we live girl scout with your daughter. We're going to sell. And the troop leader of her group got so pissed went to the girl scout people and said that if she did it that she will be ostracized from the group and kicked out or whatever because it's illegal to use the media to sell cookies. Well, then maybe your mom should be a radio personality. You figure it out. We were just going to sell a gazillion cookies. I was mad about that. And I'm like, she can forfeit whatever tier price. She gets for that. That's fine. We just wanted to sell a whole thing we get a letter from the whole thing. And I was ready to go. I had to use it. Going to lot of cookies which I thought was the objective. Well. Very competitive. Those those moms, and that's the thing. It's the mom seedless kids. Her troupe was like completely dismantled like the next year because nobody wanted. Yeah. I know so that's a year after that. She quit. I think Scott's an incredible organization. I'm sure people had a great experience. But I've also heard some stories about parents, making sure that the girl scout people would agree if they could be honest about it parents making that experience awful because it becomes about the parents call Fred Naji right now because the other thing about the cookie sales is that I never see the child. I only I only see the parents when it comes time for the sales that this becomes the parents obligations. What I'm wondering what did you have to sell for your kids? I'm wondering what what is you was it books was magazine. I bought sold. Paper like, wrapping paper, wrapping. Tens of magazines. I bought popcorn. Cookies I bought candy. Yeah. Because I mean, the thing is you don't want to be the guy who like when your co worker comes strolling along. And is like, hey, give me support my kid. You don't know. Right. But at least now the cookies have the option I just bought some from super seller. Joe upstairs for his kid and the cookies I think it was him. Anyway, I spend money somewhere and the cookies go right to the military now. So I'll never see them tend to do eat them. That's my problem. Just gave it to us. Actually. No bills are. They live forever. Don't worry. Those from my daughter five years ago. Dipped into. Oh my God. My house a few months ago. From God knows when I say, man, they're all wrapped in plastic. Those things are indestructible. Oh god. Hey, adam. Hey, what did you have to sell for your kid? So my son the boy scout way of popcorn popcorn. But it's like super. Yeah. And you you're the one who had to do it. Yeah. But I gotta turn into a hustler. The area part of it is when we were kids.

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