Chris Bermuda, Pat Cummings, Jimmy Rivera discussed on Big Brown Breakdown - Episode 34: Paulie Malignaggi


Uh chris wyatt plus 135 zehra make a ton of money off whom uh pat comments slight favourite love that and that's all odds they give you oh oh man yeah it is what it is man so um again i got chris bermuda's a yet pat cummings and then i am jimmy rivera all right is a great car is this saturday is on fox the prelims on fox sports i think and then uh early early fight pass early early pros only five man i guess that starts at three pm eastern right on onsite pacific three pm pacific make arts are to five pm pacific may kicks off of my fi the night of jimmy rivera a tom saw mehta but if pat cummings or a of the lot they don't get knocked out that could data confirm farright too but again when the when you light heavyweight and you fight like those guys do usually it's going to end in a finish but for whatever reason those two don't turmoil each other's lights off that is easier fire the night but some sternly each other's lights off but again for whatever reason if it doesn't have when the best fights of the year but i i i don't see that happening but there's potential there so to mira pat cummings ramirez an heavy heart with liben bohm tune into it the saturday on fox get you some fights and the following week you got great fights on showtime with mighty garcia and adrian broder too good time to be a fight fan and it's a good time to be big brown fan because i am coming this week.

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