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Jeff i don't know about jeff wilpon intellect i can't say one way or the other all i can say about this organization and it's just the way it's been run is that they don't go that extra mile that they need to go it's not as if they have a payroll of forty five million dollars it's not as if they're the miami marlins but it feels like they're in this middle world and i fully expect that over the next few years they will continue to live in that middle world and the plus of the middle world here's the plus you got a shot you know i think i went into this season with the mets and i guess i'm probably in the same boat as we sit here and may thinking they're okay and maybe if everything breaks right they can win in the high eighties and sneak into the playoffs and when you get to the playoffs anything can happen because that's kind of what happened in two thousand fifteen they were a five hundred team in late july and to same these credit and to these luck they went out and acquired your win assessment is they got red hot the nationals were a disaster and the best one the division going away and then when they got to the playoffs they really were able to ride this very good young pitching staff and it rode them all the way to the world series but they don't go that extra the extra mile would be manny machado the extra mile would be wow here's a once in a lifetime opportunity generational talent that are free agents in their mid twenties let's go nuts let's build a core let's take attention away from the yankees and you and i know they're not going to do it jeff is in jersey how are you jeff i want to ask you three quick things if you checked.

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