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International observers to monitor the July thirtieth vote finance election day nears. Opposition fears that Zimbabwe's electoral commission is stacking the, deck for the, ruling Zanu PF party there's. Fears have been On the, increase the commission the Zack has approved. A ballot that should have been in alphabetical order but instead. Features a photo of president Monica at the head of the right hand column Zach is also changing the configuration of the voting, booths. Inside polling places turning them around so the voter faces outward in full view of election officials and party observers as he or she marks the ballot undermining the secrecy of the vote correspondent Garikai reports from Harare Zimbabwe and last November haradim Mugabe was the. Only leader Zimbabweans he had known since independence in one thousand nine hundred eighty the main opposition party is one against a. Repeat of the corruption That characterize the elections Julian Mugabe's rule tend to these port light, on the DVD's of these Imbaba commission which is managing the. Elections Nelson Chamisa is the presidential candidate in lead of opposition MDC Allen's, you said they literall- commission none is, zinc is refusing to provide patsies with the. Voter rolls in Vegas refused in opportunity to observe.

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