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You want to you wanna go somewhere cool and dreary take a vacation in february two seattle get on a play go to seattled see that great sweated usually although i don't think last time i was out february i think there was some even so i think we had some sun break things uh but come to retire me because you will get you will absolutely get your money's worth as a matter of fact i will personally guarantee that if you don't feel like you've got your money's worth at a retired meat come up and see me and i'll give you your money back i'll have cash in my pocket i'll give it back to you if you can honestly say out lunch was it worth the thirty dollars the good let you get lunch and you could breakfast and you get a book uh a retirement to guide book and a lot of other cool stuff in a lotta great classes i mean we've got andy landis for his last speaking engagement ever he's retiring he's like the pro and social security we have dr apollo lopez skew who uh if you haven't heard apollo you've missed out he's a whiff icc speaker and just brilliant insights into managing money we've got dan solen whose written the dozen or more books on mutt managing money and investing the smartest books the smart a series of books great stuff he's a columnist at half boeing a nice guy we love dan dan and i are going to be doing the keynote together then now we've got to a charity rick gregorek who's going to be there air a whole bunch of other people some really really powerful speakers classes insights opportunities to discuss things with people were even going to bring all our advisers out and here is an again another promise they're not going to try and sell you stuff they're not going to try pitch you unbecoming clients what they will do though is if you put your financial paperwork in a bag and bring it along the at some point during the show they'll sit down with your absolutely free and go through your portfolio and should be doing that or of that was great congratulations you have a wonderful portfolio so you've got all of that stuff you got a terrific launch that made bauer.

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