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Shot. Everybody. It is incredibly important this year. I'm Suzanne Duval seven hundred's Matt Reese with a friendly reminder about the flu shot. The medical director of Hamilton County Public Health says it is 100 times more important to get a flu shot this year compared to the past in large part because Influenza like illness can be indistinguishable from Cove in 19, Dr Steve Fagan's No excuse not to roll up a sleeve, especially this year. Their exercise applies to be very recently available. Doctor says anyone age six months and above who qualifies should get the flu shot. I'm Matt Reese news radio 700 WLW. There's a little disagreement within the White House of when a vaccine could be available to the American people in the fight against the crown. A virus more from a bee sees Mary bruise With the election fast approaching President Trump wants Americans to know a vaccine is coming soon, his administration announcing that as soon as one has approved, they'll start shipping doses within 24 hours. We think we can start sometime in October. So as soon as it is announced, will be able to start it on Capitol Hill, the head of the CDC said that while our limited supply maybe available in November or December, most Americans will have to wait much longer than that. Well, how about this divers finding what they believe is the record of the U. S. Navy sub lost 77 years ago. In Southeast Asia and World War. Two Amazing Navy divers have sent photos and other evidence over many months to the U. S. Navy's History and Heritage Command for verification that they have found the USS Greta dear, one of 52 American submarines lost during the war. It was scuttled by its crew after bombs from a Japanese plane almost sent them to a watery grave. All 76 aboard survived, but they were taken prisoner tortured, beaten, nearly starved by their Japanese captors for more than two years, four did not survive. Of the wreck Lies 270. FT. Underwater somewhere in the Strait of Malacca, south of Thailand. Chuck's Iverson, ABC News News radio 700 WLW.

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