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Thiss is the Sean Hannity Show 25 Till the top of the hour. We continue our discussion with the top news story today. The president first lady testing positive for covert 19th the Corona virus. All right. We talked a lot about the vaccine. Let now let's talk about therapeutics. Let's say you are the doctor of the president. You are the doctor for the first lady. What will be your first line of defense, your best recommendation for them or or, frankly, generally speaking, anybody that gets it or maybe it would be different based on age and health conditions. Tell us some of those variations if you have them. Let's talk about people who don't have covert 19 but living their lives to their automatically potentially exposed, So I think everyone let's look in here. My voice right now. Toby on vitamin D, which is the only item that we've been able to show reduces the incidence of the common cold. Or flu and common colds, Corona virus relatives so it might be beneficial here. There's some data from Europe that higher vitamin D levels in populations corresponds to a less problems A covert, so I'm in the 2200 international units. Today is what we've been telling folks on the show, and it's against safe dose or gets more sun light up to you, but even see 1000 MG today, pretty our routine's been given to people in a clinical setting. I think it makes sense to take it prophylactically and then when it's really important, zinc and think is important because it allows your immune cells to rapidly response. So you want rapidly finding him yourselves with attacked the virus that comes in And so giving somebody's taken you and you take 10 mg of dates and a lot of multi vitamins and so hee and I know you're going there anyway, so I bring it up if you're going to take direction Cora Quinn, and that needs to be checked with your doctor needs. He described in their potential reasons why people might not want to take it. But if you're going to take it, and it hasn't been proven, but it's a protocol for many of the countries. Then you should take it with high does ink to get the maximum benefit? Okay, and how much hydroxy clerk would now Dr Daniel Wallace, who you and I both have quoted fairly extensive leases the foremost expert, I would argue on hydroxy Clara Quinn that he has the largest Lupus practice in the country inherited that 42 years. Hey, also helps rheumatoid arthritis patients, and he's worked with anti malarials. He's written 400 plus peer reviewed articles. He's been dispensing this drug for 42 years. Hydroxy Clark. When is 65 years old, he said a loading dose of 600 MG, followed by as many as 30 to 60 days of 400 mg. The that his words. The risk is nil. Very different than what we heard from the one study that eventually ended up getting poll that believe it was from jam of. I'm not mistaken. It was the Lancet. I gotta see Mike, my personal philosophy. Is, we don't know. And I don't think it's worth debating whether it works or not, because we haven't done the clinical trials that in a way that would make anybody convinced one way or the other, And it's a shame because we should have done the clinical trials. I was pestering DD rolled towards the French doctor who popularized Colquitt in the West. On just just today, getting into arguments that you really should do a clinical trial and I think it's unethical. I'm getting suggests without it. Why should I? Because the reason you have to do is because we just don't know, And that's why I would never tell anyone to take it or not take it based on the evidence because we don't know However, to your point. I do believe it's safer than has been portrayed in the press, just based on the experience with it's used for Lupus, but also for malaria, where there's probably a billion people have taken the drugs all the good it done. It doesn't prove that it works. But I know that it's the national protocol. They are countries. That that routinely. As soon as you come into the emergency room, you're given the medication together in Turkey for several of my family's from your given that medication, plus rendez Avi or antiviral that still destroy national protocol, and they give it to everybody. Who test positive covert 19 doesn't work. So they're taking hydroxy Clark went and Ramdas severe together together, which is not an unreasonable thing to dio you. There are a lot of people who I believe that you need taken antiviral wrote of the early to slow the viral progression. And if you're going to take something like I'd ration clerk when it might work in a different pathway, so that they don't they don't seem to overlap. But again, it hasn't improved, at least from desert. Veer had one clinical trial showing that when taken early in the course of the illness, it shortened illness. Which is why I would certainly want toe think about then disappear for the president because of his risk factors, But you know, he he has truly mild symptoms. Right now. Most people would do nothing just because most people do just find getting through the virus on their own. So why create any potential issues and drug side effects by introducing any medication? Uh, this early in the course of its This's the first time that I heard that hydroxy Claure Quint and room disappear could be used together. That's news to me. But again, you also talk about with eye drops in particular using zinc at 100 MG. A day for 55 days, what is the dosage of hydroxy? And what is the optimal dose of room disappear? I think the justified Russian working you gave of 600 mg for 400. Mg, depending on the doctor's choice is fine, but I don't want to get people doses. You know, I just can't do it on your own A doctor? No. This has to be with a doctor. I agree. You have to consult your own doctor. If I tell you, you did. Oh, say you'll go out and get it yourself and try to dose yourself. And I don't want people doing that. This is these are not you know what my doctor says to me. You'll get a kick out of this column. I say. Well, this is going on. This is going on. And ah, I read this. This is this and you go. Okay, So do you want to listen to me Who's done this his whole life? What would you prefer to listen to Dr Google, which is a pretty good line. It's his way of basically telling me to shut up. I don't know what I'm talking about. That's what it takes, Believe it, But it's what I do and emphasize that everything I've talked about now is sort of nice, but the real life saver. Is actually the reduction of the inflammatory reaction that is killing so many because it's not the virus often it's the overreaction is we're discussing. So he built to use steroids, which everyone knows might be beneficial for other ailments that you might have rashes on. That has really made a big difference. Because if we see that people have beating the virus, but then their immune system now is overreacting. Beating them. You can use steroids. And pretty sizable doses and slow that down, and that has been really valuable in the club. Tell me, which particular is a lot of steroids out there starting, I guess, with prednisone and some others what particular stories you're talking about? Objection. Methadone was the one used in his trial. But again for the listeners, you can't dose yourself. You can't just go buy some prednisone and tried out. They don't be a chemistry lab because we're not advising that. I agree. We're just telling you to talk to your doctor are steroids. There's steroids that had been used in groovy sick people in the hospital and dramatically change their natural history. And you know it's such a simple treatment. But until we understood that that's what the virus was doing to you. We couldn't be given contemplate using because on the surface you wouldn't give steroids to someone fighting infection because it weakens your immune system. Which is why you don't want to take steroids early in the course of this illness because your body should be allowed to beat it first..

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