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All the way over to the urban areas along i ninety five could be a problem by the end of the week. Yes we have to watch this all week long and you'll be right here with us. Ginger thank you our coverage of the hurricane and this storm system still on the move tonight but we are going to move on to other major headline this monday evening. The american general who late today declared america's longest war was now over after nearly twenty years. The last seventeen lifted off from kabul afghanistan at three twenty nine eastern time saying every single. Us servicemember is now out of afghanistan. General frank mackenzie the commander of us central command saying there is a lot of heartbreak that they did not get everybody out. There are still some americans. There and there are many afghan allies. Who had hoped to get out more than one hundred twenty. Three thousand civilians were airlifted out since august fourteenth including six thousand americans and flights taking off until the end the last one taking off as i said three twenty nine. Pm eastern which in kabul was one minute to midnight before that august thirty first deadline set by president biden. General mackenzie saying the final chapter is perhaps one of the most painful with the loss of those thirteen u s servicemembers. Abc's chief foreign correspondent. Ian panel was in afghanistan when the taliban was pushed out in two thousand one tonight the taliban back in control and ian this evening and the american general who was asked to reflect on the reality that the us now leaves behind and potential threats ahead with the final flights hours of coupled. Late today four-star marine general. Frank mackenzie saying america's longest war was over after almost twenty years last c. seventeen lifted off from hamid karzai international airport on august thirtieth this afternoon at three twenty nine. Pm east coast time in the last manned aircraft is now clearing the airspace above afghanistan nearly twenty years since the attacks of nine eleven and the killing of osama bin laden in twenty eleven troops staying on the ground for another decade the general speaking of the human cost of war. The american servicemembers lost to it was not a cheap mission. The cost was two thousand. Four hundred sixty one. Us servicemembers and civilians kill and more than twenty thousand. Who were injured. Sadly that includes thirteen u s servicemembers. Who were killed last week by an isis case suicide bomber. He spoke to this painful loss of the service members this week and was asked about the remaining americans and afghan allies the interpreters who helped the us over the years. There's a lot of heartbreak associated with this departure. We did not get everybody out that we wanted to get out. The general saying this funnel chapter was perhaps one of the most painful the crowds outside the gate and the loss of the thirteenth servicemembers. When asked about the us servicemen and women that were in afghanistan. He said this every single. Us servicemember is now out of afghanistan. I can say that one hundred percent certainty and general. Mackenzie who did multiple tools in afghanistan was asked about leaving this country to taliban control as very conflicted. Actually a right now. I'm pretty much consumed with with the operational task of him. The general very matter-of-fact late today but it is a profound day for this country. Nearly twenty years later. Ian panel with us live from doha cutter tonight. In in the general mentioned the number of americans left behind is now in the low hundreds. He said there will still be efforts to get americans out. He also said the efforts to get out. Afghan allies will continue. But of course we know. The taliban is back in control. How is this going to work in the weeks. The months and perhaps the years to come right. The taliban is in control of the country but from the presence of icies k. We've seen them at the airport. They've issued a statement saying the americans have left. Afghanistan is independence the sound of gunfire in the air. The un calling for safe passage for americans and afghans but few on the ground believe. They'll owner that. David ian panel our thanks to you. You've been with us for weeks now on this story and we appreciate it. And of course america will reflect on this war. And we'll certainly honor the bravery of all of our servicemen and women over these twenty years. I wanna bring in our chief global affairs anchor martha raddatz who has been to afghanistan. So many times. Martha you and i have talked about trips to afghanistan here and what the leaders on the ground told us in recent years leading up to this moment many of them predicting some of what. We've seen transpire and we heard general. Mackenzie described the equipment left behind in afghanistan. Today twenty-seven humvees he said seventy aircraft the general saying they have been demilitarized that they'll never be driven again. We'll never be flown again. But he also noted something else that i know our viewers the american people will be concerned about one of the main missions. Here was to make sure afghanistan was never a safe haven for terrorist again and martha. You and i took note of the general talking about the two thousand isis terrorists. Now out of prison in that country exactly david hardcore fighters and the equipment general mackenzie did not talk about is the billions of dollars of military hardware abandoned by the afghan forces including six hundred thousand arms. Tens of thousands of rockets humvees those are all operational and the us continues to say that. The taliban.

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