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Um were like i feel like i am always talking about in r and b singer whenever i say and and i have to make sure that i'm not saying kevin campbell i'm all i'm always confused or always on watch for seven campbell's have in common mistakes which of these two teams will finish up at this will have to break i to these two teams would you be more scared to play in the postseason falcons advice ooh uh that's interesting this is so there i will not seize on the opportunity to make a 20 to 3 joke uh because at that time has passed i i i i'm better than that um i think i think the falcons simply because we have a better quarterback um i do think that the vikings pose uh from from zero to sixty pose more of a threat uh defensively um but i think that you know if it's a close game i'm a little bit more afraid of matt ryan ththen case keen them just because you know case keno an attack and disagree with you uh and i am i look case what do you think bill who are you more freedom kind of in the playoffs if you're if assuming like you know the giants could that's the thing that's the thing has as a giants fan it's more like oh what happened to get us here in home like like a blacked out and then suddenly we were at the ball and tell idea how he got there.

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