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I the international impulse also very bells and whistles type cafes which squarely aimed at like presenting. His in a specialty coffees become diffuse to the extent that they believed to stand out they have to go like either really top of the of the toll on exxon was a place called busey We send the center of london Which is very interesting. Cafe is is visual signifies very salons dayglo poeple instagram. -able not hype drinking. Yeah that's good. That's good hyper drink. Menus of frozen ninety plus cases sure. And that's the thing they very well at school and it really works is kind of like combination of being extra and soda shooting like peak peak quality with with the. We've i can. I could cite you twenty examples aesthetically of stuff like that. That's popped up around the united states. But i don't think one maybe one or two with the coffee quality. That's in the in the ballpark of of that. Yeah they really well. We'll go to stay home at school will be openings. I think though. I say the depending on four goverry in consumer confidence is like. I suspect that the places which i'm really leaned into whom bring because they only have they already have a fairly stable cafe able fell there. We'll probably stay a little bit of time a lot of only been able to reopen. Maybe not the highest proportion of cafes because of where they all and i think therefore in the move is you wait and then rian win. His life returns if it returns to you. If you can without anger obscene yourself. Kind of cut your losses on iran central sites and trying pushing more of a neighborhood thing. Yeah i think. That's a tradeoff loves them. More established coffee places. Here we're going to have to make this interesting to see the make it yet. It'll be interesting to watch it The thing that i have heard a little bit about. And i'm wondering if we're going to cure a lot more about is people saying well. I lost my job from the pandemic. And i've always wanted to do coffee. So this is my. This is where. I'm gonna make my swing. This is my recovery swing and that it's going to bring in Do new blood. New operators People that are interested in opening new things and maybe even On the very low low overhead low low rat maybe even carts and things are going to have this big sort of boom because you can do a coffee service anywhere and if everything is sort of trying to be all outside and open market you know st street market kind of style anyways Because of some of the ways the pandemic feeds those trans. If that isn't going to be what we see you know a lot more evan. And it's interesting thing about that. In london context too because obviously coffee carts have this sort of big history in london. Minutes may be sort of gotten away from so. I wonder if we'll see come back on. Yeah i mean a couple of interesting about that. I mean one being like say the Many now in london specialty coffee institutions dosages is cuts prefer combination of two calls than a clothing store up that was the great New bliss presser waesche went pre pandemic wells croft. Which was..

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