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New Jersey's first news fivethirtyeight dams, EROs computer weather, temperatures this morning thirties. Forties. But we do have winds pick it up with gusts up to forty miles an hour. A biting wind chill will be around this morning. So a happened gloves for the kids on the way to the bus stop. And what about snow for the weekend? Don't believe all the hype you're hearing it is a far from certain thing. Dan will have more on that coming up here in just a minute. President Trump's Oval Office address last night cast the southern border as he in crisis. He blamed Democrats for failing to provide money for his border wall and partially closing the government suggesting building a wall between the US and Mexico would actually be an active love, this is a humanitarian crisis a crisis of the heart and a crisis of the soul responding to the president's address. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer says they can reopen the government and then taught border security American democracy. Doesn't work that way. We don't govern by temper tantrum. No, president should pound the table and demand. He gets his way or else. The government shuts down the White House has continue to reject any compromise. That does not include funding for the wall. We have more now on the ongoing hiring scandals engulfing the Murphy administration. Lawmakers took a step Tuesday towards broadening their review of the Murphy campaign and administration personnel practices beyond the high profile case in which an alleged rapist was nevertheless hired and allowed to stay in his. Job for months attorney, Jonathan Burke estimates three to five women raised complaints about the Murphy campaign work atmosphere, which he says is unusual for a campaign that size. None by Katie Brennan's were about sexual harassment. They were regarding management style. Regarding exchange of words, they were regarding the schedules that people had to keep their regarding empowerment with respect to decision making Senate majority leader Loretta Weinberg says that sounds like a lot. She also bemoaned the administration says it couldn't act on a matter from the campaign and the campaign says it couldn't act because it's work was done at the state house. Michael Simon's, New Jersey one zero one point five news. Katie Brennan hearings continue governor Murphy has a new headache. As more questions are being raised about the conduct of a male Murphy administration staff member with Allison kopecky atop economic development authority VP who said she is resigning after facing discrimination because she reported the official for creating a hostile work environment for women. When governor Murphy was asked if he's concerned that another high profile woman is complaining about how she was treated by male members of his administration. Murphy did not answer the question directly. However, he did say, I'm incredibly proud. We put an extraordinary cabinet on the field. I believe in extraordinary team below the cabinet across the agencies and departments had government. Among if not the most diverse in the United States, God willing said Murphy, I wanna stand on the side of being a governor. That has a great environment for folks to work in in Passaic. David Matthau, New Jersey, one on one point five news jerseys. First news, five forty one state. Health officials are now confirming the first child deaths from the flu this season. The child was from Central Jersey.

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