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Know, I did my celebration and then went over to the bench, and they all just kinda did the did the little clap, which is fun. But, you know, those, those team celebrations are fun. And that's what they're all doubt gentlemen. I cannot say enough good things about the fact that they're trolling, everybody that had something to say about their celebrations last week to the thirteen nothing. I really love it. I mean I. We, we all I think, we're in agreement that forgetting the amount of goals because there is a goal differential that matters. It was the way they celebrated they celebrated amongst themselves. They didn't do anything in the face of their opponent zero issue with it, but they got a lot of clapback for it, and I love their little golf. Clapping answer to it. Back at people continue to answer by winning go into Thursday's match up with Sweden in a pretty good position where even if they draw in that they would still advance as the winners to move on from each group, they would be the one seed advancing from this group right now. Carli Lloyd becomes the first person to score and six straight women's World Cup games. She got her first start of seven lineup changes for the, we talked to Julie Foudy earlier the amount of people, they've been play in the turnament, so far could be huge for them as this goes later on listen the way this has played out for the US women seem has been absolutely perfect. They get a huge run of goals in some would say whatever goal differential matters. So they're plus sixteen in the goal differential, the first two games. And now in a game that they don't have to win. They get a chance where they can be tested and that will be a really good thing for them to truly find out who the let's be honest with all due respect, the title, Chile, they're not gonna tell us how good the women's team Sweden might be. Yeah. They aren't even even Julie told share in that, that they haven't been tested where she thinks the weaknesses could be on the defensive with an inexperienced goalkeeper trae said they don't have to win yesterday. Do I need those points in the? US. Coupling..

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