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Of the time they talked about other restrictions. But i think that it's the end and we ought to understand and accept that obama healthcare is with us whether you like it or not. It's with us going to change it. Change legislator with the other very important supreme court decision was a catholic adoption agency. That doesn't provide adoption for gay couples. Look that's religious right I believe in gay adoption. But i'm catholic and There are probably the most docs jews. You don't believe in it But the constitution requires that we strike a balance between religious freedom and public policy and the supreme court unanimously ruled that a catholic adoption agency as the right to limit. Its adoptions to what its own religion oh calls for our catholic. I would wanna be open up. And and and and and have. More adoptions that went across A sexual orientation lines. But i'm not a member of that faith and so i have no right. Tell catholics what to do. And the first amendment says that the free exercise of religion shall not be prohibited so this was a rare nine to nothing decision. I think it also tells us how the cake cases going to come out. Remember that case where. A baker refused to use his baking artistic abilities to bake a cake for a gay couple. Now there's another case involving a transgender person. I think the supreme court has signaled that ultimately it's gonna ruling favor that baker and say that you can't make an artist baker somebody else Do something that is clearly in violation of their religious principles. I don't agree with it was religious principles but again i'm not the bigger and better took the last question i'm going to ask you got a minute. How do you think the supreme rule if a team up the supreme court about cringe gender issue in sports and as a boy. That is such a hard question. That is such a hard question You know i. I see both sides of the issue on one hand. You don't want to discriminate on the other hand if you get people who used to be men and were born men and have testosterone and have the muscles of men and they're beginning to dominate Women's sports and making it much harder for women to compete. One can understand why there's concern about that. I think we have to see how serious the problem is. Whether it's just a one off or a few small problems and you know you just you just You say look. It's more important that we have equality and that we have a no discrimination but if it becomes much more serious problem and if people begin to to transition in order to get the engine sport obviously that will change it so. I think this is an issue. That won't come to the court for a while and by the time it comes to the court. I think we'll know a lot lot more. But i think the courts bias will be generally in favor of Equality equal treatment for everybody. Although i understand the problem that causes it look wives complicated and it becomes more complicated. And when you get issues like this so wait-and-see professor alan dershowitz. Thank you for your sense. Thank you for your wisdom and thank you for trying to save america like we all are trying to catch up again during the week. Thank you so much. This is the cast roundtable. I'll be right back..

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