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Another look at market action for you in about 15 minutes. Yvonne? All right, let's take a look at global news now. Well, U.S. president Joe Biden has tested positive for COVID-19 January 6th committee will also focus on what Donald Trump did or did not do during that capital uprising. Let's bring an Ed Baxter working on those stories from San Francisco. Hey Ed. Yeah, exactly right Ivan. Let's start with Biden here, though, he released a Twitter video earlier today. Hey folks, yes you heard this morning I tested positive for COVID. But I've been double vaccinated, double boosted, symptoms are mild, and I really appreciate your inquiry when you're concerned. And also at The White House, the COVID response coordinator doctor Ashish jha says so far running O some fatigue, no fever because the president is fully vaccinated. Double boosted. His risk of serious illness is dramatically lower. He's also getting treated with a very powerful antiviral. And that further reduces his risk. And White House spokesman Jean Pierre says there will be a daily update. She says they have not identified the variant as of yet, but that he is doing very well. January 6th House committee holds a prime time hearing focusing on Donald Trump's activities or in activities during the siege of the capitol. You'll hear the number one 87 that I let's delve into a joining us live is Bloomberg political contributor and partner at stoneheart court capital, stone court capital, and co superstar on Bloomberg sound on and balance of power Rick Davis. Thanks, Rick. For working overtime with us. So the focus today is what Trump did or didn't do during there was 187 minutes. That's right, Ed, the 7th of 7 hearings originally scheduled by this committee is going to delve into what did he do and when did he do it? That 187 meetings is going to be chronicled in stark detail from the two 24 tweet where he said Pence didn't do enough and it didn't have the courage to overturn the election to the four 17 tweet and video that he released from the rose garden to telling everybody to go home. What happened between all that time? Who was he talking to? What decisions were being made? We pretty much know what he didn't tonight we'll expect to find out what he did do. Yeah, and the preview is one of the previews that was shown earlier by the committee to that kind of a teaser. Basically implied that he sat in front of four screens of TV in the dining room at The White House. That's right, he's got a private dining room right off the Oval Office and has been testified earlier by Kayleigh mcnamee, a White House aide, is that from what she could tell, he just stayed in there the entire day watching the coverage. People who saw the coverage with him at the time said violence was all over the television screens. So the idea that he didn't think of this as anything other than a violent insurrection is a little surprising to a lot of people. But tonight start when it says, Matthew putting juror deputy national security adviser and Sarah Matthews was a deputy press secretary are going to enlighten us on what they're witnessing inside The White House during that a 187 minutes. Also, what they had hoped to have and won't have our text from the Secret Service so alongside this running parallel today, the inspector general home security announcing a criminal investigation into those missing texts. Yeah, this one is incredibly confusing, Ed. I mean, the committee had originally asked for the information from the Secret Service, obviously they knew what was going on at the time. It was happening. And they Secret Service did submit all kinds of responses. Evidently what was missing was a batch of text that had evidently disappeared during a telephone reboot and so there's a lot of controversy around that secret services claiming. There's nothing new in those texts that are disappeared. The Homeland Security inspector general saying we can reconstruct those tech, so we're going to have them sooner or later, but it really has added a call to the Secret Service behavior during the incident and the run up and follow on to the insurrection. Rick, thank you so much. We'll be checking back with you later, and the hearing does begin in about 20 minutes. If it's on time, 20 minutes from now, that is Rick Davis with stone court capital. He's a cofounder co partner there, and he's also on Bloomberg sound on imbalance of power. A regular Bloomberg contributor in San Francisco, I'm Ed Baxter, this is Bloomberg. Add nice one there. Thanks very much. 38 minutes past the hour it's time for global sports. Let's get to Dan Schwartzman sedan Barcelona somehow raising more funds. Well, you know, they've signed all these big names, right? This off season and people said, how are they paying for it when they're €1.3 billion in debt? Well, this is how they've now sold 15% more of their domestic television rights over the next 25 years to global investment firms 6th street for around €320 million with the firm now in possession of 25% of those rights after they had bought 10% at the end of June. Bars is using the money to register summer signees such as Robert Lewandowski osmani dembele, rafinha and others, 6th street is expected to make around a €1 billion over those 25 years. Sky Sports in Germany reports that Russia Dortmund is weighing whether to bring in former Atlético Madrid Ford Luis

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