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80 Wcbm in Harford County. Listen to 99.9 FM. Welcome back to the third and final hour of Thursday. Show Casing company. I'm Nicole Harris sitting here with my husband, Andy, filling in for Sean today and tomorrow. So if you didn't get enough of us today, by the end of this hour, you can tune in tomorrow and you get another three hours. That's right. That's right. And if we don't get to your calls today, call back tomorrow. Definitely. So speaking of calls, if you'd like to call in the number is 410. Wcbm 6 80 That's 4 10 92266 80. Or you can send us an email at am 6 80 at wcbm dot com Or find us on Texas on the wcbm app, which is a free app so downloaded on your phone Plus because you can also listen on the go. If your radio doesn't work to new tax one from someone who just says Hi, Nicole. Okay, so I feel kind of left out. But I'm sorry. Uh, the other one is my grand from someone says my grandson has RSV respiratory since official virus and this is the season. It's been going around actually filled up some ICUs around the country. Pediatric ICUs and this caller says Now many family members have severe cold somewhere tested Covid for and all were negative. It's been a long has been a long lasting cold. Some some have fever. Some don't Guess the cold season is right. That's absolutely right. So you know it's going to be important. That if you have symptoms again, you know the rapid engine tests are pretty good there pretty reasonably priced, uh, I know that they're ramping up production of because they had run out again. Very few of them. Yes. A few months ago. They you know again, You know, Delta came on, you know, kind of with, you know, with with a surge, and I guess they weren't expecting us. So Abbott is one of the largest manufacturers of the been axed test and that that's the one that I've used it. It's very simple to use you can at Walmart again, Mother place and my understanding. I think the president announced that WalMart, CVS and some other one other place are going to sell them at cost. For the next few months. They're going to wrap them up and sell them at cost. So it will be even more more reasonable because we do need to know the difference between the Covid coronavirus and the common Cold Corona. That's that's right. And it is cold season and I mean, we know several people who have young kids and everything. It's beginning of school. They've come home with colds. They've been tested. They've all tested negative. It's just a cold. Yeah, It's still unfortunate because colds just in my opinion, or Yeah, right. They're not funny, either, But But, yeah, it is important to know. So you know what I what I tell people is You know, Go out, get have a couple of them at home Couple. He's tested home if you come down with symptoms. If you come down with symptoms, you should test positive. The Anderson that's not like you need to take another 12. Days later. If you're symptomatic, you should have enough virus in your nose. Because the you know those those used and nose swab, and it's not the not the swab because all the way back, you know, it's not the brain tickle. You're doing this at home, so it's in your own home. And you're you kind of get to, you know, decide how much to do it. But if you test positive on one of those, I know that you've said this multiple times and everything. If you test positive on one of those rapid and and gene test, you should go ahead and go get a PCR test to confirm probably because there are some false negatives on the antigen test, and so just to be on the safe side and make sure that's what you're really positive. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, if it's critical to know, then you followed up with the PCR test again. They're they're you know, they're widely available. They're covered by insurance. So, uh, you know you should. You should do it anyway. Let's let's go. Let's go to the final hour. That's right. It is the final hour. We've got Edward and Glen Burnie. Edward, Are you with us? Morning? Good morning. What can we, uh, talk to Dr into prescribing hydroxychloroquine for me about 18 months ago. Uh, I talked to another doctor who advised me that dosage. Of 100 mg per week. As a prophylactic. So recently. The original doctor. No, the doctor who brings advised me, 100 MG. Uh, changed his advice to 200 mg per week. Uh, I'm doing fine. I'm 80 81 years old, and I'm not afraid of anything, Really, But I just don't want to Be under the government's thumb. Sure know, Edward, Look at it like I get what you're saying. So, uh again, and I'm not familiar with the with the doses for prophylaxis, you know, But I do know you don't have to take it every day. I do know that. Look, if your if your doctor has prescribed it, and you're comfortable taking it as prophylactic, you know, I do know that the what? Again what we call the therapeutic index. The ratio of toxic Dope amounts to what helps is pretty high with hydroxychloroquine. Billions of people around the world have taken hydroxychloroquine. Uh, I think there's pretty good evidence from not from direct studies. Some studies are, you know, indicated But from populations where Hydroxychloroquine is frequently taken by by a lot of people that the penetration of this virus is not as great, So there's some good evidence. So you know if you're not having if your doctor's recommending, look, go with what your doctor recommends. You know, that's true with the vaccine as well. So Edward that that Thanks Thanks for listening, Thanks for Uh, thanks for calling in today We have time for one more. One more Probably pretty quick here dug in Manchester. Good morning, everybody. Good morning. We've got about one minute. What's your question? Uh, well, I had questions and concerns about the ATF. No, there's switching gears. From Corona and the vaccine and everything, but sometimes you need that, But, uh, I mean, we did were able to get rid of his nominee. Chipman. But goodness forward I mean, going forward. The HF is very rogue. I mean, as a non, You know, the agency that it's supposed to be is very off the ranch now and I think going forward if we can Swing your Congress to a more conservative constitutional direction. Is there legislation can be put into either some? Yeah, severely rein them in or abolish them altogether because there's other Agencies that can take the load. Well, they could so but but, you know, sending it to another agency. Doug just just means you have a problem with the other agency. If you get a rogue person who wants to Chipman did Who wants to take away your firearms? I mean, the bottom line is Chipman didn't agree and didn't didn't agree with Second Amendment that a law abiding citizen has the right to have a firearm. And an AR 15 the most popular sporting rifle in the United States, where very few crimes are committed with a R 15 Look in Baltimore City. We have to really were 200 murders. Now I don't know where we are. I want to know how many were committed with a r 15. I'll bet the number is zip anyway. Time to that. Alright. Alright. Thanks. Traffic and weather on the threes with Chuck Chuck morning brought to use the service of the Baltimore voting Center.

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